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Coming Up On Practical Show Tech: RF/Wireless Sessions Plus A Look At Tech Direction & Management

Wireless/RF sessions particularly timely with the spectrum change becoming official on Monday, July 13.
Practical Show Tech Webinars

Practical Show Tech (PST) is presenting three upcoming webinar sessions focusing on a range of wireless/RF technologies, applications and best practices that are especially timely with the RF spectrum change becoming official next Monday, July 13. There will also be a session on the role of tech director/manager. Here’s the schedule:

“Fundamentals Of A Hybrid VHF/UHF RF PL System” (PST Episode 75), scheduled for Tuesday, July 7 starting at 4 pm U.S. Eastern time, will have guests James Stoffo, Henry Cohen, Ike Zimbel, and Richard Stockton reviewing the RF spectrum change (which becomes official on July 13) as well as the design of the Radio Active Designs RF PL system. Go here to find out more information and to register.

“IAS RF Coordination Process For A Mega Convention Show” (PST Episode 76), scheduled for Monday, July 13 starting at 4 pm U.S. Eastern time, will feature host Pete Erskine exploring an Intermodulation Analysis System (IAS) RF coordination for a made-up mega convention show. Go here to find out more info and to register.

“What Does A Tech Director/Tech Manager Do?” (PST Episode 77), scheduled for Thursday, July 16 starting at 4 pm U.S. Eastern time, will offer a discussion with Gayle Depoli about managing events from a technical perspective, both in terms of the tech manager role in the broadcast market and the tech director role in the live event/corporate market. Go here to find out more info and to register.

“Wireless Workbench RF Coordination Process For A Mega Convention” (PSW Episode 78), scheduled for Friday, July 17 starting at 4 pm Eastern time, will mirror the IAS RF Coordination session but this time will focus on it using the Shure Wireless Workbench platform. Guests from the Shure team include Corey Peoples and Jason Waufle. Go here for more info and to register.

The entire upcoming schedule of Practical Show Tech webinars is here.

Practical Show Tech (PST)

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