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Coming Up On Practical Show Tech: Inside Comm Systems & Stage Management Masterclasses

Pete Erskine presenting two sessions on comms; Sam Hunter and Julia Whittle of Orange Jackets returning to deliver masterclasses on stage managing Olympic ceremonies.
Practical Show Tech Webinars

Practical Show Tech (PST) is presenting upcoming webinar sessions focusing on production intercom (comm) technologies and applications, as well as Olympic ceremonies stage management masterclasses. Here’s the schedule:

“Keep Comm With Pete: In The Beginning, Two Tin Cans & A String — Part 1” (PST Episode 79), scheduled for Tuesday, July 21 starting at noon (12 pm) U.S. Eastern time. Pete Erskine will review basic 2-wire intercom systems, along with sharing tips, tricks, and workarounds for Clear-Com and RTS systems. Go here for more info and to register.

“Keep Comm With Pete: How To Make Comm Usable — Part 2” PST Episode 80), scheduled for Thursday, July 23 starting at noon (12 pm) U.S. Eastern time. Peter Erskin will follow up on the previous sessions with a look at intercom master stations, hybrids, interfaces and more. Go here for more info and to register.

“Orange Jackets Olympic Ceremonies Stage Management Masterclass” (PST Episodes 81, 82 & 83), scheduled for Saturday, July 25 starting at noon (12 pm) U.S. Eastern time, Sunday, July 26 starting at 2 pm U.S. Eastern time, and Tuesday, July 28 starting at 5 am U.S. Eastern time. In time for the 8th anniversary of the London 2012 Summer Olympics, these three sessions have PST bringing back Sam Hunter and Julia Whittle of Orange Jackets for a series of three exclusive live webinars. They will share how to organize a cast of literally thousands and get an international show on the air. Find out how they stage managed the ceremonies at the Athens, Torino, Beijing, Vancouver, London, and Sochi Olympics and Paralympics.

All sessions will include the same content and are scheduled to allow viewers to join at the most convenient time for their schedule or time zone. Each session will only be available for live viewing. Recordings are not available. Cost to attend is $15. Register here for Episode 81 (July 25), here for Episode 82 (July 26), and here for Episode 83 (July 28).

The entire upcoming schedule of Practical Show Tech webinars is here.

Practical Show Tech (PST)

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