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Coming Up This Afternoon (Monday, May 18) On Practical Show Tech: Smaart & System Optimization

At 4 pm U.S. Eastern time today, guests Michael Lawrence and Jim Yakabuski to discuss sub alignment techniques, multi-mic measurement, delay procedures, and more.
Practical Show Tech Smaart

This afternoon (Monday, May 18) at 4 pm U.S. Eastern time, Practical Show Tech (PST) is presenting a live webinar (Episode 55) that will discuss some of the hottest topics surrounding Rational Acoustics Smaart and system optimization, featuring guests Michael Lawrence (LSI/PSW technical editor and Signal To Noise podcast co-host) and top FOH engineer (and LSI/PSW author) Jim Yakabuski.

Note that you must be registered to view/participate prior to the kick-off of the live event. Go here to register.

Topics include:
— Subwoofer alignment techniques
— Multimicrophone measurement
— Types of microphones
— Delay philosophy & procedures
— SPL logging
— And much more.

Again, go here to register for this session (Episode 55) by 4 pm U.S. Eastern time today. Those that miss the live event will be able to check out the recorded version of the session here.

Additional PST webinars this week:
— Wednesday, May 20, Lunch with Pete: Part 74 License — The what, when, how, and where of a Part 74 License with guests Gary Trenda of Professional Wireless Systes and Henry Cohen of CP Communications. (Episode 56, find out more and register here)
— Friday, May 22, Legos That Light Up: A discussion around LED video technology with Beth Forbes of Apex Productions. (Episode 57, find out more and register here)

Practical Show Tech (PST)

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