Coemar Celebrates 80th Anniversary With Debuts Of Five New Products At PL+S

This year’s Prolight + Sound 2013 saw the celebration of the 80th year anniversary for Coemar along with the debut of five new lighting solutions to meet today’s market requirements.

Coemar has extended the depth of the LiteLed Series that features three items.

MoonLite LED VW 3000/6500 K is a high efficiency panel, designed specifically for broadcasting and photography applications, that uses LED technology to reduce consumption and maintenance while eliminating heat related issues thus allowing utilization within very short distances from the illuminated subjects.

Coemar’s MoonLite LED VW 3,000/6,500K provides a high output with a 40-degree beam angle and a full control from cool white daylight (6,500K) to warm white tungsten (3,000K). With just 70W of power consumption, MoonLite LED guarantees high efficiency and long lifetime. With an ultra-flat design this lightweight and portable fixture has an external Lithium battery pack also available as an accessory.

The Coemar new ParLite Led Strobe features seven individually controlled extremely bright LED rings, which can alternate full strobe modes with frontal circular effects to a standard wash effect for flood illumination (120-degree beam angle). The long lasting aluminum body of the ParLite Led guarantees continuous operation and allows IP65 rating (optional) for architectural applications.

Ideal digital substitute of the analog 1500W strobe is the C4 Led Strobe, with a 350W RGBW strobe system that uses indirect illumination to guarantee a fully uniform color mix for the perfect strobe-plus-scroller replacement. The fixture generates pre-programmed strobe effects synchronizable via DMX. The light source is protected in long lasting aluminum body.

Coemar’s new products include two new entries in the Infinity series.

Small, fast, and powerful, Coemar introduces the new Infinty ACL XS. With newly designed optics and to a 330W Osram Sirius HRI lamp, the smallest unit of the Infinity range generates a beam with a light intensity that is comparable to 1,500W fixtures. ACL XS brings variable beam size from 1.7- to 3.3-degree with fast pan/tilt speed, moonflower effects, and also a full wash mode (up to 35-degree beam angle). This fixture is suitable for low noise applications.

The Infinity Spot L brings Coemar spot fixtures to a new level with a 1,000W lamp. Designed for the larger stage applications, but in a compact and easy-to-serve body, the Spot L features HD quality projection, dimming and CMY, a new fast zoom mode (1:5 in 0.4s), morphing effects, and a new digital ballast technology (with PFC) inclusive of a full diagnostic program.

The effects engine is fully equipped with two gobo wheels, rotating prisms, a tight and dynamic iris, proportional frost, and CCT control. An internal display battery and ArtNet also available (optional).

Coemar also displayed the Reflection series at Prolight + Sound 2013. With the addition of Reflection LEDko P White (3,200K or 5,600K) and Reflection LEDko P DIM White (also in 3,200K or 5,600K), the range has seen four new LED profiles to satisfy the specified needs of the market, the company says.

The improvements in these models include the increased light output, now comparable to that generated by traditional high consuming 575W and 750W profilers in the white color tonalities, and the newly designed optics that perform with a never-seen-before flat field projection (as low as 25% light drop from center beam to edge).

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The new flat field optics is also available with the FullSpectrum and VariWhite LEDko engines. No maintenance, extremely silent operation, and low power consumption (135W), the company says are the key savings features.

The Reflection LEDko P DIM is also available for shipping with either the 3,200K or the 5,600K LED engines. Designed for re-fitting needs, the non-DMX LEDko P is ready to replace traditional fixtures in existing lighting systems. Compatible with existing dimmer packs, the company says LEDko P enables the end user to achieve significant energy savings without giving up in performance or needing to do any re-cabling. The light output can be regulated via standard dimmer or through a control knob on the rear panel.

Instant gobos and Soft Profile lens options (PC or Fresnel via a Coemar-patented system) allow flexibility for a product that aims at both the entertainment and architectural segments, with a very a wide range of application: from fashion shows, car shows and exhibitions, theatres, TV and corporate events, to broadcast, museums, churches, shopping malls, and more.


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