CODA Audio Releases New System Optimiser v0.6

Latest version of company's proprietary prediction software now includes new realSPL technology; all documentation is also now available online in a comprehensive user guide.
New CODA Audio System Optimiser v0.6 is now available.

CODA Audio has announced System Optimiser v0.6, the latest version of its proprietary prediction software that now includes new realSPL technology; in addition, all documentation is also now available online in a comprehensive user guide at Documentation for offline use as well as full release notes for v0.6 can be accessed at the site.

System Optimiser is designed to allow the accurate simulation of the company’s loudspeakers in any 3D View with precision and speed. SPL Pressure mapping is presented in detail with a sense of reality.

New realSPL technology is a set of techniques designed to help users to predict the achievable sound pressure level of CODA loudspeaker configurations more accurately. It uses a combined hybrid time-and-frequency-domain approach and creates a “digital twin” of the loudspeaker setup to more precisely calculate the behavior of the entire signal chain.

Users are presented with a detailed analysis of both peak and RMS headroom for a collection of industry-standard stimuli such as pink noise, white noise, AES75-2022 and speech noise together with post-processing features. This is designed to help improve the fidelity throughout the coverage area at concerts as well as to foster safer EVAC systems in fixed installations.

CODA Audio

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