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German artist Axel Bosse and his band performing on the recent tour with support by CODA Audio AiRAY arrays and more supplied by AMBION. (Photo Credit: Malgorzata Schaefer, CODA Audio)

CODA Audio AiRAY Leads The Way For Bosse Tour In Germany

Event service provider AMBION supplies AiRAY for mains joined by ViRAY and N-APS loudspeakers as well as SCP-F subwoofers all driven by LINUS10 and LINUS14D amplifiers.

The recent Sunnyside Live tour of Germany by Axel Bosse and his band (also collectively known as Bosse) was supported by Kassel-based event service provider AMBION, and led by system tech Michael “Miwe’” Wengerter, deployed an extensive system utilizing a vareity of CODA Audio loudspeakers.

The size and nature of the venues varied during the tour, rangingfrom medium-sized clubs to very large halls, so flexibility was an important criteria in determining best components best suited to meet the challenges. AMBION carried a system based on CODA’s flagship AiRAY system with 2 x 16 units as the main hang, supplemented by an outhang of 2 x 8 ViRAY, 6 x N-APS as frontfill, and 16 x SCP-F subwoofers. Loudspeakers were driven by 6 x CODA Audio LINUS14D amplifiers per side and 6 x LINUS10 amplifiers for the subs and near field.

“As with every tour it’s a matter of getting in and out quickly and delivering the best possible sound for the audience,” Wengerter says. “We succeeded in doing that and everyone, from the performers and crew to the concertgoers, was happy with the sound.

“CODA Audio is way, way ahead. They get incredible sound out of small speakers — no other company can keep up,” he continues. “We were so happy on this tour to be using equipment that is so light and compact. It takes up far less truck space, which given soaring fuel costs these days is a crucial money-saving advantage. Also, because AiRAY is actively operated in two-way mode it requires fewer amplifiers, meaning that the effective power requirement for the rig is also very limited.”

AMBION began using CODA systems more than 10 years ago, and since its first investment in the brand has regularly added the latest ranges to its inventory, often being involved in beta testing of new products in “real-life” situations and providing useful data back to the manufacturer.

“AMBION’s vast experience and expertise in the sector spans 30 years, so we’re delighted and very proud to see them place CODA at the heart of so many high profile events,” states CODA Audio Deutschland managing director Ton Groen. “The Bosse tour was another great success and took full advantage of the compact, powerful, and flexible nature of our systems.”

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