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Clear-Com Concert Feature Enabled In Associated Press ENPS Application At 2011 NAB Show

The new release of Concert simplifies newsroom communications for journalists around the world.

Clear-Com has announced the introduction of Version 2.6 of the company’s Clear-Com Concert Intercom-over-IP Communications Solution at the 2011 NAB Show.

This latest version features the debut of “Concert for Newsroom,” an integrated intercom solution to Associated Press’ ENPS (Essential News Production System), allowing journalists using Concert to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively communicate with other newsroom members who also have access to the system.

Ideal for ENG applications, Concert for Newsroom will assist busy reporters chasing stories in the field to get in touch with their editors, producers and other production team members with the click of a mouse. 

To start a chat with Concert, ENPS users need only to scroll through their contacts and click the appropriate name or icon to initiate a call and/or chat, simultaneously.

In cases where multiple members need to have a conference about a story, the user can drag-and-drop multiple contacts into a conference, or members can double-click on a session link and join the call—all while working within ENPS stories.

Users can see immediately the availability of any other ENPS participants for a call or text message, saving journalists time when deadlines are fast approaching.

“Concert has truly defined Intercom-over-IP with its ability to seamlessly integrate with traditional intercom systems and external audio interfaces over standard IP networks,” says Patrick Menard, Product Manager of Concert at Clear-Com.

“Now with the incorporation of the application into ENPS, users have even more options with which to communicate, helping them focus on the story and not technology. Time is often an enemy to those working in the field.”

“A low cell battery or being out of cell range can often cause issues when gathering info for a time-sensitive story.  With Concert, this concern is taken out of the equation as you are communicating through ENPS.”

Concert can easily interface with external audio systems, including partyline systems, paging systems, program feeds and other matrix systems using a four-wire interface over a standard IP network, providing a seamless communications network. 

Those using Concert within ENPS can also benefit from additional features, such as the ability to initiate simultaneous call or chat sessions without disconnecting the current session and receive audio program feeds from the newsroom and/or other users.

Program feeds can be interrupted by important communications from the news director or producer speaking over intercom, ensuring that all critical communications come through to the intended recipients.

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