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Clair Brothers Line Arrays Reinforce Fairground Festival In Tunisia

System provided by company distributor PAL includes C8 main arrays joined by CS118 subs, with 1.5 AM monitors on stage.
Clair Brothers C8 arrays flying at the Fairground Festival in Tunisia.

Clair Brothers C8 line arrays were recently deployed for the main stage at the recent Fairground Festival in Sousse, a town on the east coast of Tunisia. The arrays were provided by Pro Audio & Light (PAL), the company’s distributor for the region, in support of acts such as Giorgia Angiuli, Jan Blomqvist, ARTBAT & Tantsui along with 36 other electronic music artists performing for an audience of more than 7,000.

Specifically, the system incorporated 32 C8 modules in the main left/right arrays flanking the stage. According to Yasmine Bejaoui, stage manager at PAL, “The C8 is one of our best systems, if not the best. Since we obtained this PA, it’s the one we highlight the most. And we only propose using it for big events that really deserve its power and delicacy – like Fairground.”

Along with C8s, four Clair Brothers CS118 subwoofers plus a host of custom subs were called on to deliver the low-frequency energy popular among EDM artists. On stage there were four Clair Brothers 1.5AM monitors in tandem with the DiGiCo SD12 console. Loudspeakers were powered by Powersoft X4 and X4L amplifiers.

Bejaoui explains. “The festival was spread over two days, in a huge arena called ‘ECO-VILLAGE’. This large area represented a much anticipated opportunity for PAL to install our entire inventory of C8 boxes. We’ve all been waiting for this! And since we introduced the Clair Brothers 1AM and 1.5AM stage monitors at events in the past, these speakers have become everyone in the Tunisian music industry’s favorite monitors.”

Anis Ben Ammar, the promoter of Fairground Festival, adds, “My team and I have always trusted PAL’s professionalism and expertise. The equipment choices they make for sound and lighting are always spot on. It’s why I’m in full support of whatever decisions they make. The sound of the music from this PA is really something special. PAL and Clair Brothers delivered once again.”

“The C8 has a rather special sound,” continues Bejaoui. “Some of the sound engineers that we work with have commented on the events where we’ve used the Clair Brothers system — ‘The day has come. I’m finally mixing real sound!’ The truth is that the C8 system has become the dream of any sound engineer, musician and promoter in town.”

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