Clair Brothers Debuts 1.5AM+ Self-Powered Coaxial Stage Monitor

Self-powered version of 1.5AM introduced earlier this year includes onboard DSP processing that includes "12AM Emulation Mode" preset options

Clair Brothers has introduced the 1.5AM+, a self-powered version of the 1.5AM coaxial stage monitor introduced earlier this year. It joins the line of One Series 12- and 15-inch coaxial stage monitors.

The 1.5AM+ includes internal, factory-programmed DSP loudspeaker processing providing crossover, EQ, limiter, and four preset options. It also offers two “12AM Emulation Mode” preset options (32 dB gain or 38 dB gain) that provide similar frequency response voicing and low-frequency phase response for deployment with sets of the company’s 12AM monitors.

Two remaining presets are options designed for low-frequency optimization on stage, as the 1.5AM+ may be coupled with other two-way monitors or with stage subwoofers. The “Mon A” preset offers a two-way phase versus frequency characteristic while the “Mon B” preset includes an all-pass filter that aligns the low-frequency phase response with subwoofers across the lowest octaves. (It’s recommended to combine these monitors with Clair CS or kiT-Series subwoofers.)

The 1.5AM+ contains a lightweight amplifier module made exclusively for Clair by Powersoft that also allows users to power a passive (non-powered) 1.5AM with a slave output. “Simply connect the 1.5AM+ by cable to a non-powered 1.5AM and power the pair. While this is a mono (not stereo mix) configuration, this is a very unique, value-added feature,” says Josh Sadd, vice president and chief engineer at Clair Brothers. The integrated amp notably is stated as delivering 1,600 watts for each of it’s two channels.

A proprietary high-frequency rotatable horn (40 H x 60 V degrees) is carved from premium Baltic birch. It includes sculpted wooden acoustic filters that optimize the magnitude and phase response between the coaxial components in the crossover region – helping to eliminate the shadowing of the woofer with the horn as well as the early reflection from the rear of the horn.

The enclosure offers a low profile and is outfitted with ergonomic, flush-mounted side handles. This is combined with a rugged exterior finish, a resilient grille design, and road cases designed to carry pairs. Custom cabling is available and can be pre-wired, labeled and delivered in road cases.

Clair Brothers

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