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Church Sound University Offering “Audio 101 For Pastors” Online Training

An introduction for pastors and other leaders to the basics of sound reinforcement as well as a great way for leadership to "get on the same page” with the worship audio team.

Church Sound University (CSU) online training, which mirrors the popular in-person training program that focuses on the essentials of worship audio, is offerring an “Audio 101 For Pastors” course led by instructor Samantha Potter, and it’s available here.

The training video “Audio 101 For Pastors” is just as the title describes, an introduction for pastors and other worship leaders to the basics of sound reinforcement, which increasingly plays a key role in worship services. Worship audio team members can also suggest the course to their pastors and other leaders as a great way to “get on the same page” when it comes to sound reinforcement. The goal is to provide working knowledge that helps ensure church communities are having the best possible — and most consistent — audio experiences.

Some of the topics covered in the course include:

Why is sound reinforcement even necessary?

Why churches need all the “stuff” a qualilty sound effort requires.

Basic language of audio to help pastors better communicate with sound and praise teams.

How to build tech teams and keep them onboard and motivated.

Sound system basics as well as key microphone principles.

Who to ask when you need help. Finding help can be incredibly difficult so knowing who to ask is often the biggest hurdle to overcome.

The course includes a downloadable notebook with the key points and for taking additional notes, and to help viewers track their progress, each segment is followed by an assessment quiz. CSU offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee and unlimited access to the course.

Instructor Samantha Potter is an active worship tech educator noted for a highly relevant and practical curriculum. She has also served as a sound design consultant and IT media supervisor for the houses of worship market, and currently works with console manufacturer Allen & Heath.

Cost for the course is $69, and it’s also available as part of the full Church Sound University Level 101 training program. Go here to find out more and acquire the training, and here to find out more about the complete program.

Please contact Julie Clark at [email protected] with questions.

Church Sound University (CSU) was created by the audio professionals at, Live Sound International magazine and Church Sound magazine. The goal is to provide educational and informative content in person and online that will truly benefit church audio tech teams and worship leaders of all knowledge levels.

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