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Church Sound Podcast, Special Episode: Samantha Potter | Our Calling

There aren't too many techs that join a house of worship for a "trough of money" -- so why do they do what they do? Samantha Potter explores the topic.

So much of what worship techs do is sacrificial, volunteer, or a gift — there aren’t too many techs that join a house of worship for a “trough of money.” As host Samantha Potter notes, “We do it for other reasons. So, what is our calling? Why do we do what we do? What leads us down these paths?” She explores what her calling has been over the years and how it can take shape. The Church Sound Podcast is sponsored by K-array and DiGiCo.

Samantha encourages everyone to reach out to her at via email to share their calling or their compass. She’d love to hear it.

Samantha Potter is co-lead instructor with Church Sound University — a training program tailored specifically for worship audio techs that’s now also available online. Reach her via email here.

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