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Church Sound Podcast, Episode 6: Pro Audio Veteran Brian Maddox Shares Key Tips For Worship Techs

Church Sound Podcast

Get ready for an audio explosion! In Episode 6, Samantha Potter talks with Brian Maddox (Patti LaBelle, James Brown, Herbie Hancock), a pro audio veteran with enough experience to fill several books. The focus of the conversion is presenting several key best practices for church techs working with live sound on a weekly (or more) basis. Topics include the importance of proper gaffing, objectivity versus subjectivity, troubleshooting and more. This episode of the Church Sound Podcast is sponsored by the Saint Paul School of Theology.

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Watch Out For That Curve: Staying On The Path Of Continual Learning & Improvement, by Brian Maddox
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Host Samantha Potter is co-lead instructor with Church Sound University and editorial director with ProSoundWeb and Church Sound Magazine. Reach her via email here.

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