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Church Sound Podcast, Episode 39: Anca Trifan On Hybrid Worship Services

Event producer, audio engineer, and all-around "AV unicorn" discusses the changing virtual world, the impact of hybrid production, good practices and more.

In Episode 39, host Samantha Potter is joined by Anca Trifan, an event producer, audio engineer, and all-around “AV unicorn” to talk about hybrid events. The world is becoming more virtual while the virtual world is becoming more real, so how does this impact the production of worship services? Are truly hybrid or interactive services a thing? She also shares some good practices and reflects on the consequences of hybrid worship. The Church Sound Podcast is sponsored by K-array and DiGiCo.

Episode Links:
Anca’s Website
Anca’s Podcast
Anca On YouTube

Samantha Potter is also co-lead instructor with Church Sound University — a training program tailored specifically for worship audio techs that’s now also available online. Reach her via email here.

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