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Church Sound Podcast, Episode 26: Michael Curtis | Streaming Loudness

How can we measure how loud our mix is so that it sounds as good as possible online?

How can we measure how loud our mix is so that is sounds as good as possible online? Wow, do we get that question a lot. Luckily, Michael Curtis joins me this week to tell us all about mastering, LUFS, and getting the biggest bang for our proverbial buck when it comes to broadcast mixing. Be sure to check out all the goodies linked below!

Michael’s Audio Math Survival Sheet
Learn AVL
Michael’s Audio Blog

In his spare time, Michael likes to help and teach people to share music better. He’s a big audio nerd, bassist, and loves simplifying the complex.

Host Samantha Potter is co-lead instructor with Church Sound University — an online training program tailored specifically for worship audio techs. Reach her via email here.

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