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Church Sound Podcast, Episode 24: Joshua Maichele, HOW Applications Manager, L-Acoustics

L-Acoustics House Or Worship Applications Engineer Joshua Maichele joins host Samantha Potter and discusses audio infrastructure and new benchmarks for audio engineers.

Joshua Maichele (my-kellee) is an industry veteran currently working with L’Acoustics as the go-to fella for houses of worship and other faith-based organizations. During this episode, host Samantha Power dives into audio infrastructure as it was, where it is, and where it’s going. Begone, COPPER! We hath banished you from whence you came. Fiber is here. How does this change how we design new spaces? What’s the benchmark for new audio engineers? Get nerdy with Samantha and Josh this week.

Josh’s Instagram: @joshmaichele
Josh’s Podcast: High-Tech Simplicity on Apple Podcasts, and Spotify

Host Samantha Potter is co-lead instructor with Church Sound University — a training program tailored specifically for worship audio techs that’s available online. Reach her via email here.

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