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Church Sound Podcast, Episode 22: Pastor Cortney Inbody On Resiliency

Reflecting on what’s been a very trying year and a different kind of holiday season -- the need to take a deep breath, remember we’re in this together, support each other, and more.

This has been a year for the books — some of us for better, some of us for worse. Cortney Inbody, our pastor-in-residence, joins host Samantha Potter in this episode for a much-needed deep breath and check in. Many of us are likely burned out, maybe frustrated, tired, and more. Always remember, however: we’re in this together. This is a different kind of Christmas season and as Cortney puts it, perhaps the “most Christmas-y Christmas.”

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Episode Links:
Dear Tech Team: Confessions Of A “Luddite” Pastor, by Cortney Inbody

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