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Church Sound Podcast, Episode 14: Matt Larson & Ryan Shelton Discuss Technology Transitions


In Episode 14, Matt Larson and Ryan Shelton of Group One Ltd. join host Samantha Potter to discuss transitions in technology — a bridge we all inevitably cross. As always, communication is a huge tool in our arsenal. But what are our first steps? How do we know what’s appropriate for iyr situation? When do we even know when we should start thinking about upgrading a system or transitioning to newer audio gear?

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Need some help finding a local solution? Matt and Ryan have supplied their phone numbers for just such an occasion: Matt Larson — (952) 686-1856 or email him; Ryan Shelton — (615) 972-9301 or email him
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Host Samantha Potter is co-lead instructor with Church Sound University — a training program tailored specifically for worship audio techs that’s now also available online — and is an editorial director with ProSoundWeb and Church Sound magazine. Reach her via email here.

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