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Chapter 4 Of “Everything You Wanted To Know About Subwoofers” Guide – The Power Alley – Now Available For Free Download

Latest installment unveils the mysterious interactions of subwoofers and offers solutions for delivering optimized, consistent low-end performance

Chapter 4 of the guide “Everything You Wanted To Know About Subwoofers” is now available as a free download (PDF) on ProSoundWeb (here).

The new chapter, entitled “The Power Alley” has author Jose Brusi, a noted independent electroacoustical consultant, addressing the common occurrence of subwoofer interaction, particularly in open-air applications. There can be low-frequency cancellations in some audience areas while others are too hot, a.k.a., the “power alley.”

Specific topics covered in Chapter 4 include:

● Comb Filtering Effects
● Time Arrival Differences
● Directivity & Frequency
● Lobes & Nulls
● Placement Issues/Factors
● And More!

Presented by Fulcrum Acoustic, the series features top authors from ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International providing their insights on the evolution, designs, configurations and more of sub-bass systems for live sound reinforcement.

The series will offer six (6) chapters in total, all available as free downloads, over the coming weeks, with the authors sharing their decades of professional audio experience with this vital and interesting topic. Subsequent chapters will address key subjects such as the “power alley,” the aux-fed sub technique, sub arrays, and more.

Again, go here for the free download of Chapter 4: “The Power Alley.” And if you missed any of the previous chapters, no worries — they’re also still available. Go here for Chapters 1 and 2 (“It’s All About The Bass, And Moving Air,”) and here for Chapter 3 (“The Best Place To Put Subwoofers Is…?).

Look forward to subsequent free chapters in the coming weeks with the goal of learning more about subwoofers and the most effective application of LF energy in live sound.

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