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Spector Records With Audient

UK indie rock band inserts iD14 USB audio interface into the writing and demo process.

By PSW Staff March 20, 2017

Fred MacPherson

Lead singer of UK indie rock band Spector, Fred MacPherson describes his Audient iD14 USB audio interface it as “a key component” of the writing and demo process, putting it straight to work when it arrived last year.

“[The addition of the iD14] means we can demo without having to get five people in a room or worrying about studio time,” he says. The band have been working on their third (as yet untitled) album, following their debut Enjoy It While It Lasts and 2015’s Moth Boys, both released through Universal’s Fiction Records label.

Explaining the process, MacPherson says, “We’ll record guitar, synth, bass and vocals at home over simple drum loops and when we feel a song’s good enough we’ll think about learning it as a band. The iD14 has a lot of clarity in terms of what goes in, so we can also develop tracks to a point where we can play them to our label, management, producers etc.”

The iD14 quickly sparked Spector’s guitarist, Jed Cullen’s interest. He reportedly “loves the sound.”

MacPherson clarifies, “What I missed in my old interfaces was a level of audio quality that was good enough to be transferred onto a studio recording. Now if we get an incredible guitar take or vocal take at home on the iD14 we can intersperse the home recording with stuff we do in the studio. It’s worth noting: Cullen has since bought his own iD14.

Spector’s album is due out this year in all the usual places.


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