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New Series Seven Adjustable Pattern Mics From Josephson

By PSW Staff November 19, 2008

New Josephson Series Seven mics with adjustable directional pattern.

New Josephson Engineering Series Seven microphones offer a directional pattern that may be adjusted in use, during or after a recording.

The C720 is a special limited edition microphone to mark our 20th year of production, and features a new, patent-pending metal foam housing for minimum acoustic coloration due to the elimination of many internal reflecting surfaces.

The C720 features the dual-sided capsule used in all Series Seven mics. Separate outputs are provided for the front and back sides of the capsule, allowing directional patterns from cardioid through omni and figure-eight to be selected simply by mixing the front and back signals together.

Pattern control is only one advantage of this technique. Applying different equalization or dynamics controls to the front and rear signals makes it possible to synthesize entirely new mic characteristics, and this may be done in realtime by mixing the signals directly from the mic, or in production as the front and rear signals are played back.

The internal circuitry uses a Class-A cascode FET front end for each capsule, driving a custom Lundahl output transformer for compatibilty with a wide range of preamps and consoles.

The internal high voltage linear supply generates capsule polarizativoltage without using a switching oscillator for very low noise.

The capsule assembly in the C720 is internally shock mounted so that the mic may be attached directly to a stand through its rugged yoke mount, without using any external accessories.

– Dual pressure
– Variable directional pattern achieved by mixing output signal
– Frequency range 20-20,000 Hz
– Sensitivity -55 dB ref 1V/Pa (1.7 m)
– Equivalent noise level

<15 dB SPL, A weighted rms
– Overload sound level 136 dB SPL
– Power supply P48 phantom, 5 mA
– Diameter 63 mm (100 mm wide at yoke)
– Weight 1.2 kg
– Output connect
– Made in USA

For more information:
Josephson Engineering Website


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