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CEntrance Ships AxePort Pro USB Direct Box

By PSW Staff November 27, 2008

CEntrance has started shipping its second product – the AxePort Pro USB Direct Box.

Ideal for guitar and bass players who want to quickly record a musical idea on the go, AxePort Pro also allows you to jam with plug-ins or practice silently using headphones.

AxePort Pro has a suggested US retail price of $199.95.

Plug into any computer, record your part and send it to be mixed. Offering a low-noise Hi-Z preamp, 24-bit 96kHz audio quality and a professional USB interface AxePort Pro unleashes creativity for guitar and bass players everywhere.

AxePort Pro gives you a complete package for recording with most DAW software on the market. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS X 10.4 and above, and even many versions of LINUX.

A wide gain range accommodates active and passive pickups and makes AxePort Pro compatible with almost any musical instrument with a magnetic or piezo pickup, including acoustic guitars with an on-board preamp.

Studio musicians will appreciate AxePort Pro’s compact size, rugged aluminum chassis and no need for an external power supply – all power is drawn from the USB port.

Add a very loud headphone amp, dedicated knobs for input and output level control, and professional-grade A-to-D conversion, yet – it easily fits into a shirt pocket.

By far the best feature of AxePort Pro is its unique “wet/dry” slider in the Universal Driver software control panel for Mac and Windows, which allows you to mix the “dry” zero-latency input signal with the “wet” return from your DAW including effects plug-ins.

Because virtual amplifier and effects plug-ins introduce a noticeable amount of audio delay, you can blend between the direct input – which has zero delay-and the DAW output to balance the amplifier tone in a way that minimizes software latency and allows easier performance and recording.

AxePort Pro comes with a 1GB CEntrance USB flash drive, containing REAPER multitrack recording software from Cockos, Oligarc guitar effects plug-ins from Stillwell Audio, and the CEntrance ASIO/GSIF Universal Driver.

The AxePort Pro package also includes a handy clip for the belt or guitar strap, a 6 ft. (3m) USB cable, and a velvet carrying pouch. For more information, visit

For more information:

CEntrance Website


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