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Behind The Glass With Hugh Padgham: Does It Sound Any Good?

A candid conversation with engineer/producer Hugh Padgham, who was behind some of the greatest recordings of the 1980s and 1990s

By Howard Massey October 31, 2014

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But eventually, hopefully, those kinds of things will be policed properly, so that everyone gets paid what they’re owed.

In the old days, artists had to have a record deal because they needed that advance to afford to pay for expensive studio time and they needed the label to do marketing and promotion.

Today, people have the ability to do those things for themselves, and it has made a huge difference. Ironically, in some ways it’s made it harder for an artist to gain recognition, because how do you get your stuff heard?

Suggested Listening:
The Police: Ghost in the Machine, A&M, 1981; Synchronicity, A&M, 1983
Genesis: Abacab, Atlantic, 1981; Genesis, Atlantic, 1983; Invisible Touch, Atlantic, 1986
Phil Collins: Face Value,Virgin, 1981; Hello, I Must Be Going!, Atlantic, 1982; No Jacket Required, Atlantic, 1985; But Seriously, Atlantic, 1989
Sting: Nothing Like the Sun, A&M, 1987; Ten Summoner’s Tales, A&M, 1993; Mercury Falling, A&M, 1996
Peter Gabriel: Peter Gabriel, Geffen, 1980
XTC: Black Sea, Geffen, 1980; English Settlement, Geffen, 1982

To acquire “Behind The Glass: Volume II” from Backbeat Books, click over to

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