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Tunisia’s Jazz At Carthage Jazz Festival Deploys Clair Brothers

Organizers upgrades monitoring systems on both stages for 13th annual event with 1AM and 1.5AM stage monitors.

By PSW Staff September 26, 2018

For the event’s thirteenth iteration, the organizers of Jazz at Carthage Jazz Festival decided that the time was long overdue to upgrade the monitors on both its stages. And for that, they chose the Clair Brothers 1AM and 1.5AM stage monitors.

The festival theme this year revolved around the joy of celebrating springtime with music and enthusiastic artists for happiness – nothing but happiness – bolstered by the notion of bunking off school and pursuing the path of musical creation. The idea being that if jazz is the underpinning of all modern music, then Jazz at Carthage brings with it a breath of fresh air alongside familiar genres and current music like pop, soul, R&B, and even swing, to crowds of youthful Tunisian fans out to change the world. It is the Scoop Organization – promoter and producer of shows, festivals, concerts and events – that believes the field of music and entertainment has a place in Tunisia and deserves the chance to blossom.

Mourad Mathari from Scoop Productions says, “Achieving this important vision for Tunisia and its music scene is something special and requires the best production to get there. With regard to the on-stage sound for the performers, we were all well aware of the global reputation for quality that Clair Brothers brings. So, when we had the opportunity to implement the 1AM and 1.5AM monitors on both stages, we went for it without question – and everything worked perfectly. The artists unanimously loved the sound, so much so, that we plan to expand our use of Clair Brothers gear next year.”

Sami Sidhom, founder of Pro Audio and Light, Clair Brothers’ Tunisian distributor, adds, “In addition to the 1AM and 1.5AM stage monitors, we plan to incorporate the Clair Brothers C8 loudspeaker system for front of house. We can’t wait. It’s truly exciting how Jazz at Carthage just keeps getting better and better each year.”

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