Point Source Audio Headset Microphone For “Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience”

Featured winds soloist Pedro Eustache utilizing Point Source CR-8D cardioid headset microphone in performances of eight exotic flutes he plays on the tour.

By PSW Staff March 16, 2017

Pedro Eustache wearing his Point Source Audio CR-8D headset mic on the set of the "Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience." (Credit: Andres Jimenez, copyright Gynook Production, INC)

The popular HBO series “Game of Thrones” has come off the screen and on to a stage concert experience that features 807 linear feet of Jumbotrons and 3D designs that rise from the stage floor.

Pedro Eustache, the featured winds soloist on the production, channels Game of Thrones’ iconic “Songs of Ice and Fire” through 15 different instruments, including two that he custom-built for the tour and a 14-foot horn that he flexes across the stage. The multidirectional artist is utilizing Point Source Audio in performances of eight exotic flutes he plays on the tour.

Eustache states that he found the sonic quality he needed with the Point Source CR-8D cardioid headset microphone, along with a few bonus features that set the mic apart from anything he’s used before.

“I’m telling you literally your headset mic is like a God send – beautiful,” he told the company. “I can get it incredibly close to my mouth to capture the sounds. A typical instrument mic is not going to work; I play too many instruments and they’re not that practical for me.

“What sold me on the Point Source mic that is also very important is the extendable length on the boom that allows me a lot of placement choices,” he continues.

Further, the mic’s proprietary “unbreakable boom” flexibility allows Eustache to practically stair step the mic boom quickly to the right angle, regardless of which instrument he’s playing.

Conducted by score composer Ramin Djawadi, the 24-date tour started February 20 in cities across the U.S. and Canada. Eustache is noted for his collection of nearly 600 instruments that he either designed, built or modified over the course of his 40-year career as a woodwind specialist.

He adds that another positive attribute of the CR-8D is the collapsible earhooks on the headset mic. He cites it as one of the main reasons he switched to Point Source, stating, “It can become incredibly compact for transportation when you move the ear pieces and you put them flat. That’s amazing.”

Following the conclusion of the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience tour, Eustache will join the Hans Zimmer Live Tour, opening in mid-April, and he notes that the CR-8D headset will once again be his mic of choice.

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