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Ongoing Innovation: An Overview Of The Compact Loudspeaker Landscape

Taking a look at the capabilities, feature sets and options in the most recent portable 2-way loudspeakers to see what’s available.

By PSW Staff January 7, 2019

The 2-way models (12- and 15-inch) in the Fulcrum Acoustic FA Series both employ proprietary coaxial drivers loaded on rotatable horns. Onboard amplification and DSP are designed and manufactured by Powersoft. Four back-panel selectable presets tailor the response for the most common configurations. In addition, a complement of input filters and delay, as well as signal levels and amplifier status, may be accessed via Ethernet using Armonia Pro Audio Suite control software.

he enclosure includes a pole mount, 40- and 55-degree rear angles for stage monitor use, and M10 threaded accessory plates for use with optional suspension hardware such as the FA12 yoke bracket. FA Series full-range models can be used with the company’s TS Series subwoofers that are outfitted with proprietary Passive Cardioid Technology to eliminate excessive rear radiation by up to 10 dB.

d&b audiotechnik E Series

The Alcons Audio VR12 is headlined by a high-frequency section with the company’s RBN601 ribbon driver that carries a 1,000-watt peak power input specification. The driver is stated to enable a 1:16 dynamic range with up to 90 percent less distortion from 1 kHz to beyond 20 kHz. It’s mounted on a rotatable waveguide and projects with patented Real-90 horizontal dispersion. Two dispersion patterns are offered: 90 x 40 and 60 x 30 degrees.

The accompanying 12-inch neodymium cone driver has a 3-inch voice coil motor structure (5- and 8-inch models are also offered in the VR Series). The ALC controller-amplifier delivers maximized performance, with proprietary Signal Integrity Sensing pre-wiring designed to ensure complete cable/connector compensation between the loudspeaker and amp/controller.

The asymmetrical enclosure fosters flexible mounting (ceiling, wall) and portable usage. Both standard and “i” (installation) versions are offered, the latter without handle, stand mount and tilt point.

The TW Audio M-Series offers the option of 6-, 8-, 10-, 12- and 15-inch woofers, with dispersion patterns of 90 x 60 degrees for the M6 and M8 and 75 x 50 degrees for the other models, rotatable by 90 degrees. All models are equipped with HF horns especially developed for the series and optimized by using the boundary elements method (BEM). Complex passive frequency crossovers coordinate the phases of woofers and MF/HF drivers, and they’re also designed to linearize the frequency responses of the entire loudspeaker.

The company emphasizes the usability of the M Series in conjunction with any standard power amplifier, and without DSP or external controllers. Enclosures include flytrack and a pole mount, with left/right versions also available.

The DAS Audio Vantec Series is equipped with new F Series drivers developed to enhance sonic performance as well as reliability. The M-28 compression driver is equipped with an FEM (Finite Element Modeling) optimized motor, phase plug and diaphragm. Attached to the D.A.S. designed CD-horn, the assembly is engineered to supply optimum HF reproduction and control of the 90- x 50-degree dispersion.

The onboard class D 1,500-watt (peak) amplifier is designed to provide extended bandwidth, wide dynamic range and low distortion. FIR filters are used in the signal processing of the powered models (passive models also available). There’s also configurable voicing, filter and EQ modes, and gain control with a rotary-knob interface and LCD screen on the rear of the cabinet. Users can also wirelessly stream music from any mobile device. The multi-angle enclosure also supports stage monitoring; in addition, the series also includes an 18-inch subwoofer.

Both models in the Meyer Sound UPJ Series (UPJ-1P or UPJ-1XP) are designed to serve as mains or in multi-cabinet horizontal and vertical arrays. The proprietary Constant-Q horn is designed to deliver uniform response throughout coverage area, and it can be rotated to foster horizontal or vertical orientations. Rigging options include an array adapter, a U-bracket, and a mounting yoke assembly.

QSC CP Series

The VUE Audiotechnik h-Class Series offers 5-, 8-, dual 8-, 12- and 15-inch versions, and further, there are wide and narrow coverage options with the 12 and 15-inch models. All are loaded with neodymium HF compression drivers with proprietary Truextent beryllium diaphragms designed to enhance both clarity and output.

h-Class systems work with rack-mounted VUEDrive system-optimized amplification and DSP with integrated SystemVUE networking. In addition, there’s intelligent DSP monitoring and protection of amplifier functions such as overpowering, voltage, and temperature. Inputs include analog, AES/EBU digital and Dante.

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