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The Old Soundman: Dealing With Getting Walked On

The wise one provides perspective on dealing with the "local sound hero"

By Old Soundman October 19, 2018

Now, back in my home town once again, I am finding myself in the same spot.

Do you mean “the mystery spot?” Because that is a famous place.

If you lived there, you would not need to be a soundman, you could probably survive off all those fives that tourists pay to see it.

Instead of advancing my career, I am bowing down to the local hero, who is so revered by all, that i don’t seem to have a chance, i.e., “when we need a sound guy, we use ‘Joe’.”

Ah, the local hero.

He is a problem, indeed, and you probably would rather I didn’t tell you that it is hopeless – he has got a lock on it.

He wants you to believe that this “spot” is his world, and you are just a squirrel trying to get a nut, doesn’t he?

Do you have any suggestions on how to get ahead, without being the guy who is trying to horn in on ‘so and so’s’ territory?

Oz Man

It will seem shallow, what I am going to tell you, Oz Man. It will seem “easy for me to say,” but in my youth, I actually went through some similar situations. And, believe it or not, a decade from now you will look back on this and not even believe you could have been as bugged as you are right now.

Because old mister Darwin had a handle on it. Things shake out over time. So, guess what? The people who I was engaged in so many struggles with ten years ago are not a part of my world any more.

They work with people they get along with. I work with people that I get along with!

The world of audio (like the world of the different musics we amplify) is so huge, Oz Man! Right now it does not seem that you and the local hero can exist in the same spot.

And maybe you can’t. Which means that one of you will relocate and thrive elsewhere. Or get hit by a truck.

Just kidding, Oz Man!

I am serious – in the year 2021, think back to now, and you will see that I was right. One or both of you may have left the profession, even.

For now – eat healthy, get plenty of rest, work out, take martial arts, which is good for reducing stress. Make yourself into a mighty sound stud, and you will do well in this world, irrespective of what the local hero does.

It’s not about him. It’s about you, and the horizon, and your personal search for excellence.

Take the long view – you’ll be glad you did!

The Old Soundman

There’s simply no denying the love from The Old Soundman. Check out more from OSM here.

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Old Soundman
Old Soundman

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