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New MGM Grand Nightclub Hakkasan Chooses Turbosound

New MGM Grand nightclub in Las Vegas boasts five levels of Turbosound loudspeakers.

By PSW Staff July 17, 2013

New MGM Grand nightclub in Las Vegas boasts five levels of Turbosound loudspeakers.

Las Vegas’ brand new MGM Grand nightclub Hakkasan is rocking the famous strip with high performance Turbosound loudspeakers installed throughout the main room and five additional levels.

At the heart of Hakkasan is a 10,000 sq ft multi-tiered nightclub kitted out entirely with 24 TFA-600HW Flex Array modules and 12 TFA-600L low frequency loudspeakers, flown in four arrays of three low frequency cabinets with six wide dispersion mid/highs. Twelve RACKDP-50 4-channel amplifiers power the 24 Flex Array cabinets.

In addition, the dance floor system employs six ground-stacked TFA-600B single 18-inch bass cabinets and three TFS-900Bi install-specific dual 18-inch subwoofers.

Twenty-two TCX-8 compact passive two-way loudspeakers, and eight NuQ-6 ultra-compact passive loudspeakers supply under-balcony fill. Upstairs, a further 21 TCX-8 speakers have been deployed for balcony coverage.

Audiotek’s Frank Murray — who has been designing audio, lighting and video technology solutions for more than three decades—specified the incredible array of top-notch TURBOSOUND speakers at the mega-venue.

This is without exception the biggest installation Murray has ever been responsible for.

“Hakkasan is a completely different twist to the standard, conventional nightclub format,” he explains. “It had to be treated as five different venues, because none of the areas were to be ranked as secondary. All of them have to excel and perform in their own right. That was the client’s absolute aim — to ensure that every guest, no matter where they are in the building, feels like they’re having the absolute experience.”

“We are motivated primarily by the music,” explains Murray. “With Turbosound here, as in many other landmark projects, we’ve had the use of their resources to spend time ensuring we retain all the musicality while creating the massive, powerful presence demanded by these events. Our aim was to create a dynamic, uplifting and immersive environment to captivate the club’s customers.”

The TFA-600HW is a compact trapezoidal wide dispersion three-way mid-high enclosure, consisting of a 1-inch high frequency compression driver on a Dendritic horn, a 6.5-inch high-mid frequency driver on a patented Polyhorn device, and two Turbo-loaded 10-inch low-mid frequency drivers.

It combines a Dendritic HF waveguide and a midrange Polyhorn together in a single physically-aligned, equal path length waveguide with 100 degree horizontal dispersion, ensuring a phase-coherent wavefront at the horn mouth. In addition, the drive units are symmetrically arranged within the enclosure, which contributes to the smooth and consistent horizontal and vertical coverage.

The TFA-600L is a compact horn-loaded bass enclosure that consists of a single 18-inch neodymium low frequency driver loaded with a TurboBass device. The integrated flying system allows it to be flown at the top of the Flex Array column using a simple conversion frame between the three bass enclosures and the mid/highs.

These work in collaboration with the ground-stacked TFA-600Bi install-specific subwoofers to deliver lower frequencies to the main room, using an identical single 18-inch neodymium low frequency driver loaded with a TurboBass device to maintain consistency with the flown subs.

Finally, the TFS-900B dual 18-inch subwoofers employ hybrid loading techniques, combining the efficiency of a folded horn with reflex loading’s extension, to provide the all-important sub-bass frequencies that contribute so critically to the ultimate emotional experience.

Adjacent to the main nightclub is the Pavilion — an indoor space with an outdoor feel. In terms of the specified equipment, the Pavilion mirrors many of the choices made in the main space. Four hangs of four TFA-600HW Flex Array wide dispersion modules and two TFA-600L low frequency cabinets cover the main space. Further low frequency reinforcement comes from six ground-stacked TFA-600B bass enclosures. Six TCS-122 two-way loudspeakers address the peripheral areas and numerous TCS-C50T ceiling speakers cover the corridors and bathroom areas.

“The goal has been, and always will be, to create benchmark venues, combining world beating technology and effects with the best sound reinforcement. We want to leave people with a lasting set of experiences, which they will carry with them long after their visit is over,” emphasizes Murray.



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