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Neue Philharmonie Berlin On Tour With Stage Tec

CRESCENDO platinum mixing console supports classical and jazz musicians with Latin percussionists for the Latin-Jazz Sinfónica! live performances.

By PSW Staff March 5, 2018

Stage Tec’s CRESCENDO platinum console at the Latin-Jazz Sinfónica! der Neuen Philharmoniker. (Credit: Nicole Weihmann)

The Neue Philharmonie Berlin is touring Germany with a sophisticated cross-over program featuring Latin, jazz, and classical music supported by Stage Tec.

An orchestra of 65 classical musicians, jazz musicians, and Latin percussionists plays the Latin-Jazz Sinfónica! Live mixes are undertaken with a CRESCENDO platinum mixing console. 120 TrueMatch microphone inputs in a NEXUS network record the large orchestra and rhythm section.

“The unusual placement of the rhythm section with congas, marimbas and drum kit in front of the classical orchestra poses a challenge for sound reinforcement,” comments sound designer Christian Fuchs. “Additionally, the changing venues are demanding in terms of acoustics and demand a lot from the live mix. After all, the mix should be a listening experience for the audience.”

Fuchs is also the application specialist for Theatre and Live with over 10 years’ experience mixing classical open-air concerts. He is accompanying the tour as the sound engineer on the CRESCENDO.

The CRESCENDO platinum has 32 faders and serves as the front of house mixing console. A brand-new feature was employed when creating the pre-mix for monitoring the rhythm section. This is predestined for sound reinforcement rehearsals and will be included in the upcoming software release: the bypass function for each aux VCA individually. The VCA hierarchy has also been tested successfully.

The CRESCENDO is embedded in a NEXUS network with 6 Base Devices and equipped with 3 RMDQ DSP boards. Since NEXUS does not require any fans and is therefore completely silent in operation, the Base Devices can be simply distributed on stage. One NEXUS stands in front of the conductor, where percussion and drums are placed. A second NEXUS works at the monitoring desk, which is connected via Dante. Two NEXUS’ are placed at the front of house CRESCENDO console, and two further Base Devices are distributed in the orchestra.

The Neue Philharmonie orchestra is a non-profit limited company with two goals. On the one hand, it enables outstanding musicians from all over the world to gain orchestral practice and expand their repertoire. On the other, the Neue Philharmonie wants to bring classical music to small and mid-sized German towns which cannot afford their own orchestra.

Latin-Jazz Sinfónica! is the first cross-over concert given by the Neue Philharmonie. World music, jazz, and classical music merge in original compositions and arrangements of popular melodies in a way never heard before.

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