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Martin Audio Presents Wavefront Precision Series

Multipurpose line array models include WPC (2 x 10-inch LF) and WPM (2 x 6.5-inch LF), designed as complete systems with new iKON multi-channel amplifiers.

By PSW Staff May 3, 2017

The new WPC line array from Martin Audio

The Wavefront Precision Series represents a new generation of multipurpose line arrays designed to bring Martin Audio’s signature sound, coverage consistency and control to a broader range of touring applications, installations and budgets.

Comprising the WPC (2 x 10-inch LF) and WPM (2 x 6.5-inch LF), Wavefront Precision line arrays are designed as complete systems with the newly announced external iKON multi-channel amplifiers optimized by Martin Audio’s automated DISPLAY software.

Adopting the principle of scalable resolution, with external, dedicated multi-channel amplifiers, Wavefront Precision line arrays are designed to be uniquely flexible, upgradeable and financially accessible.

Dom Harter, managing director, explains further: “Martin Audio’s MLA Series remains the definitive optimized array technology in the market place today, offering customers both the hard avoid feature (the ability to limit coverage in a zone by as much as 30dB) and the patented ability to optimize against multiple target functions — such as frequency response, SPL gradient and leakage, which no other competitor product can.

“But the MLA family consists of fixed resolution systems and what we wanted to do with Wavefront Precision was to introduce a solution whereby customers could have a flexible and scalable approach to resolution and control of coverage.

“Simply put, the more boxes with dedicated amplifier channels, the higher the resolution and scale of coverage control achievable.

“This means even at the lowest level of resolution the results are still fundamentally better than traditional line array, at no extra cost, and at the top end of resolution users can enjoy many of the benefits that MLA systems provide. Presently other manufacturers are forcing their customers to buy very expensive and fixed amounts of amps to optimize arrays, but with Wavefront Precision the decision on the level of coverage control, and therefore the number of high powered efficient iKON amps required, is the customer’s.

“This fundamentally changes the rule book and reaffirms once again our leadership in optimized array technology.”

To accompany the new Wavefront Precision, two new subwoofers were also unveiled, the SX118 and SX218, a single 18-inch and double 18-inch respectively.

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