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Late-Night London Reawakened By Sound Services & Funktion-One At E1 Club

Dual 5-way systems for new venue on the city's live electronic music scene.

By PSW Staff April 13, 2018

Inside the new E1 club in London, outfitted with dual 5-way systems utilizing Funktion-One loudspeakers. (Image by Andrew Twort Photography)

A new club space in London’s East End, E1, blazed onto the capital’s live electronic music scene at the beginning of 2018 with a 27-hour New Year’s Eve launch party, blending simple industrial minimalism with cutting-edge technology that includes dual 5-way systems headed by Funktion-One loudspeakers

Occupying a two-room converted warehouse space and the brainchild of Yuval Hen and Oren Arush, the venue is an evolution of the founders’ existing Studio Spaces facility. Marketing manager Tim Hinson explains, “We decided to create a space that was the combination of a rough and ready warehouse space with the luxuries of a full club, whilst still retaining a blank canvas feel — something we felt London was lacking.”

Hinson wanted to ensure the new venue could tap directly in to their guests’ emotional state: “We feel that a good clubbing experience is based predominantly around the sense of sound; for the optimum experience in a club, there has to be a great level of sound quality.”

The E1 crew turned to long-time collaborators Sound Services Ltd. (based in London) to design and install systems utilizing Funktion-One components for both the main warehouse space and the smaller “Black Studio” room — the latter undergoing a complete redesign based around the audio installation, DJ and dance floor.

The two 5-way systems incorporate some of the most recent loudspeaker innovations from Funktion-One, including Evolution 6 mid-highs and BR132 32-inch bass reflex enclosures. “This new technology can deliver unparalleled low end with precision, unlocking low =requency information that goes unnoticed on most audio systems,” says Rich Cufley, who with Curt Gilmore heads up Sound Services. “Combined with tried and tested F221 and F215 horn-loaded loudspeakers, it makes two 5-way systems of epic proportions.”

In addition, the loudspeakers are powered by Full Fat Audio FF10000 and FF6004 amplification, with digital signal processing from XTA Electronics XO4A/DP448. DJ monitoring in both rooms is provided by  Funktion-One PSM318s.

“When it comes to sound, we all know that there’s not anyone quite like Rich Cufley,” says Hinson. “Like us, Sound Services are constantly aiming for perfection and, despite some challenges we’ve faced together, it has always been a constant pleasure working with Rich, Curt and the rest of the Sound Services team.”


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