Interactive Performer John Rotellini’s Live Events Enhanced With Countryman B6 Lavalier Microphone

Capture of quality audio, unique mounting and ability to work optimally with a variety of wireless systems are all pluses for unique performer.

By PSW Staff July 11, 2017

John Rotellini with the glasses that serve as the host of his Countryman B6 lav; the image above shows how the mic is mounted to the glasses.

John Rotellini, a dynamic performer who merges sleight of hand magic and illusions with other disciplines such as psychology, con artistry, film, music, and theatre, creates live interactive events requiring the ability to freely move about, with a Countryman B6 omnidirectional lavalier microphone playing a big part in helping that happen.

“My shows are very interactive and frequently use members of the audience,” says Rotellini. “Due to the nature of the performances, I move around quite a bit onstage as well as out in the audience, so having a microphone that provides stability and high quality audio performance along with comfortable range of motion during physical activity was a priority.

“The Countryman B6 lavalier is the first microphone that I have purchased following the use of numerous types of lavalier, headset, handheld, and clip-on lavs at various venues,” he continues. “Handhelds were good for monologues but, as a magician, I need full use of both hands. Clip-on lavalier mics worked well—except during times of strenuous physical activity or costume changes. Similarly, headsets often compromised video footage and photographs. Then I discovered the B6.

“I found that, due to the incredibly slim profile of the Countryman B6, the mic was almost invisible and could be mounted to my glasses. Not only did this solution provide complete range of motion, but there were zero issues with physical activity, costume changes, or performance. I love the B6’s crisp highs and full, deep lows. I was astounded to find the B6’s audio quality was so good and that I can get very high gain before feedback, so there’s never an issue with level.

“Further, based on how I choose to mount the mic to my glasses, I can clearly pick up the interactions I have with audience members near me onstage. No longer do I need to have a separate handheld mic for them to speak into. As long as they are within standard conversational range, I can usually pick up their responses loud and clear, enabling perfect audio at every show.”

He adds that the B6 carries additional benefits. “As my wireless systems are based on the in-house equipment of the places I perform at and vary from venue to venue, I really wanted to find a microphone that could serve as a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of sorts. Thanks to Countryman’s interchangeable adapters and the modular nature of the B6, I can use it as my primary workhorse in conjunction with wireless systems from several manufacturers, including Shure, Sennheiser, and Audio-Technica to name just a few. This is a huge advantage for me, as it provides consistency while I travel from one engagement to another.”


John Rotellini

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