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IK Multimedia Releases New British EQ Models In T-RackS Custom Shop

New EQ73 & EQ81 deliver sound of classic British consoles with added functionality

By PSW Staff April 21, 2014

The new R-RackS EQ73 (top) and EQ81

IK Multimedia has introduced two British EQ models in the T-RackS Custom Shop that provide the warmth and tone heard on numerous classic recordings, the new EQ73 and EQ81.

T-RackS Custom Shop is a Mac/PC audio plug-in and stand-alone mastering workstation providing a collection of accurate models of some of the most famous analog audio processors in music history, and it allows users to purchase what they need via online an à-la-carte purchasing system.

The new T-RackS EQ73 is based upon a classic British hardware unit. The original “Class A” device has a sonic signature almost instantly recognizable, with the signal passing through it becoming thick and bold, helping every instrument stand out with audible fullness. The T-RackS EQ73 model captures this nuance so that even in the DAW environment the tone stays intact.

The EQ73 is also designed to make sure the part of the preamp circuitry functionality was captured as well. The interaction between the preamp and the EQ section is what makes this EQ so desirable.

The wide gain range provides numerous “color shades,” and at lower settings it adds some harmonic coloration that will make kicks or snare fatter and punchier. Going up the gain hill moves it into downright distortion with an analog saturation rare for DAW plug-ins. It’s versatile enough to enhance any track, especially kicks, snares, overheads, bass, guitars and vocals.

The new T-RackS EQ81 takes the versatility even further; the EQ section is composed of four independent frequency bands, rounded out by high- and low-pass filters to eliminate unwanted frequencies from the signal. There’s also the ability of the high and low shelving bands to become peaking type if needed.

Both the EQ73 and the EQ81 models have the dual concentric knobs found on the original units “separated” for easier and faster shaping, and the unit offers improved readability of the knob positions for quick adjustment.

T-RackS Custom Shop allows users to demo any T-RackS processor for 14 days, allowing them time to evaluate the workings and sonic characteristics of the unit. When ready to purchase, users click the “Custom Shop” button in the bottom right corner of the processor to launch the T-RackS Custom Shop purchase system and complete the process in just a few clicks.

T-RackS Custom Shop
IK Multimedia


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