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Hotel Congress Redesigns Club With Harman Professional Audio System

New Harman PA a big upgrade for club at Hotel Congress.

By PSW Staff October 3, 2014

Head Audio Engineer Dana Fehr with new Soundcraft console (Photo Credit: Michelle Armstrong).

Famous for being the hotel where American bank robber John Dillinger was captured in 1934, the Hotel Congress is an extraordinary location that has hosted a variety of events and banquets since its construction in 1919.

Its main nightlife property, Club Congress, recently received a new Harman sound reinforcement system made up of Soundcraft, JBL and Crown components.

The small 45 x 40-foot live music venue hosts many national touring acts and local dance nights. To ensure optimal sound coverage for the stage and audience, JBL VRX932LAP loudspeakers were chosen to provide the best entertainment experience possible.

The system consists of three VRX932LAP powered Constant Curvature loudspeakers per side, two STX828 dual 18-inch subwoofers, six SRX712M stage monitors, one PRX718XLF subwoofer and one JBL PRX715 loudspeaker.

The PA is powered by two Crown XTi 6002 amplifiers, one Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD and one I-Tech 9000HD amplifier. Sound is further enhanced by a dbx Driverack PA2 for additional processing power.

Head Audio Engineer Dana Fehr was responsible for the integration of the new Harman audio solution. His goal was a complete system that would be easy to use and void of technical problems.

As a result, Fehr also chose the Si Performer 3 digital console to provide guest DJs and fill-in staff with easy workflow and extensive onboard features to take the music at Club Congress to the next level.

“The Si Performer 3 was an immense upgrade in terms of sound quality and user-friendliness, even before we installed the new loudspeakers,” said Fehr. “Having used Vi Series consoles on large-scale events, I have come to appreciate the reliable manufacturing of Soundcraft boards, and their intuitive design and accessibility for operators of all skill levels. Unlike some of the other brands, Soundcraft consoles sound great and their file management is easy to use.”

Features like Soundcraft FaderGlow make the console easy to operate, while also making it especially suitable for dark club environments, where mood and lighting can be as essential as the music itself.

For a venue as small as this live music venue, the console’s form factor means it occupies minimum real estate on the dance floor. Coupled with the JBL VRX932LAP loudspeakers, the new Harman system delivers incredible power to all areas of the room.

“I am very happy with the way everything sounds,” said Fehr. “I am glad that my work no longer involves repairing broken equipment, and is more centered on optimizing the sound experience for our customers. Every piece of gear from the Crown amplifiers, to the JBL loudspeakers, to the Soundcraft console is the best we’ve ever experienced in this club.”

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