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Holy Light Church Of Deliverance Bishops Utilize AKG Wireless For Inspiring Services

Holy Light Church Of Deliverence installs new Harman Professional sound reinforcement system for improved clarity.

By PSW Staff October 3, 2013

Vicom installed 10 sets of AKG WMS4500 wireless to improve live sound and recording ability.

Led by Bishop Samuel L Carruth, The Holy Light Church Of Deliverance has opened its doors for nearly 50 years for the St. Portsmouth, Virginia community. 

With an aging sound reinforcement system installed in the early ‘90s, Vicom was tasked with designing and supplying the church with a new system to ensure the upbeat services were clearly heard among the crowd of devout attendees.

Vicom installed a complete Harman system, including 10 sets of AKG WMS4500 wireless to improve live sound and recording ability. Handheld C5 microphones are on hand as presenters take advantage of the entire stage during services.

The Church now boasts a Soundcraft Si Performer 3 digital console, with a Compact Stage Box for up to 56 channels of mixing ability.

Dual clusters of four JBL VRX932 loudspeakers fill left and right sides of the church, while two VRX918 subwoofers were installed left and right on the ground for added low end.

The loudspeakers are powered by a total of eight Crown XTi 4002 and 6002 amplifiers.

“When we designed the Harman solution for the Holy Light Church, our main concern was clarifying the intelligibility of the vocals and band so any performance from a single speaker to a large ensemble would be completely audible; not bouncing off the walls,” stated Andrew Fantin, Sales Engineer, Vicom.

“The church is very lively in its performances and many times they reach levels of 100db. The AKG microphones are put to the test from the second the service starts to the end of the day. The entire Harman solution was a natural progression for the pastors and audience.”



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