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Hard Rock Chooses CADLive Mics For Anthem Live Performance Venue

Production manager Ron Suir deploys the D80 and D82 for guitar amps with D90s on vocals and E60s as overheads.

By PSW Staff March 22, 2016

The Anthem live performance venue at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Sioux City, IA.

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Sioux City, IA has chosen a variety of CAD Audio CADLive mics for its Anthem live performance venue.

Ron Suir, Hard Rock production manager, describes Anthem as “the inside venue that seats up to 950 and is really our workhorse. There’s something happening on this stage four to five nights a week with over 250 shows a year.

“In terms of performers, we don’t want to pigeonhole ourselves by focusing on one genre, so we showcase all kinds of acts from headlining comedians through metal, hard rock and country bands. We recently started the Road to Vegas Series on Thursday nights, which is a local battle of the bands and the prize is a show at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas with a $5,000 paycheck.”

Asked how he became aware of CADLive, Suir replies, “I knew about CAD, but Ace Frehley’s front of house engineer told me there are some really exciting things going on with the new CADLive mics, so I decided to check them out.

“I always look for rugged live mics that can be counted on day after day and also maintain exceptional audio quality and fidelity. Because we have so many different types of acts, I need something that I can put up for any kind of genre and still get good use out of it.

“Right now, I’m using CADLive mainly for instruments,” Suir continues. “I pair up the D80 and D82 for guitar cabs and I can’t speak highly enough about the D82. It’s a ribbon mic that doesn’t break the bank and is a real workhorse. There’s a lot of warmth at the bottom end, and the high-end clarity is really exceptional as well.

“I also rely on the D90 Supercardioid dynamic for vocals. Like, if I have a vocalist who lacks power, I’ll put the D90 on them and have absolutely no problem getting them above the mix. There’s a hotness level to the mic that it comes in really handy in high SPL situations.

“The CAD E60 Equitek cardioid condenser works really well for high hats and overheads. My indoor stage is kind of small so I don’t have to use overheads very often, but when I do, I like them to be really crisp and clear. And the E60s with the low profile design work out perfectly for that.”

In addition to CADLive mics, Anthem’s sound system includes a JBL VTX-20 line array with Midas Pro 2 and Avid Venue Profile consoles for front of house and monitors respectively.

Summing up about CAD mics, Suir concludes, “They’re versatile without sacrificing any fidelity or audio quality and they hold up really well for hundreds of shows a year. They’re high performance workhorses, they really are.”

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