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FOH Jon Schumann Chooses Waves eMotion LV1 For MØ Tour

Travel-size digital mixing system and Waves plugins support performances at Coachella 2018 and on tour.

By PSW Staff May 8, 2018

Jon Schumann mixing MØ at Coachella 2018 with Waves eMotion LV1 live mixer

Front of house engineer Jon Schumann has chosen the Waves eMotion LV1 live mixer for MØ’s tour and Coachella 2018. Schumann has been mixing Danish electropop artist/producer MØ’s live shows on Waves’ eMotion LV1 live mixer for well over a year now.

Commenting about his setup, Schuman says, “It’s a very simple system, in which both myself and monitor engineer Jeppe Andersson are relying extensively on the eMotion LV1 software mixer and Waves SoundGrid technology. The LV1 is the backbone of our touring rig. We run it on a Mac mini computer with two 20-inch touchscreen monitors, a DiGiGrid IOC interface for analog/AES ins and outs, a DiGiGrid MGO MADI-to-SoundGrid interface for stage connectivity, and a SoundGrid Extreme Server for plugin processing. We use the LV1 for monitors, too, with the monitor system connected through DiGiGrid MGO and MGB interfaces to our extensive MADI backbone.”

Schumann adds, about why he chose the LV1, “The sound quality is amazing, and the system is so flexible and light. I’ve managed to get my mixes to sound exactly how I want them, no matter if we’re playing a club or a huge festival like Coachella. And it’s so lightweight. We’re doing quite a few festivals this summer, and it’s great to be able to pack up our entire small creative ‘office,’ check into the airport, and put it all on the plane to fly with us wherever we go on tour.”

On using Waves plugins, Schumann adds, “The Waves Scheps Omni Channel has become sort of my godsend plugin. I use it on most of my vocal and drum channels. I also use the LV1 to create different scenes and snapshots for each song, so from song to song, I can make radically different sound choices. On the drums, we’re using triggers along with the actual kit. I’ll hit the snare with Waves’ Smack Attack transient shaper and Torque drum tuner plugins, so I can switch between a big rock sound to a very, very tight snare sound just by changing two presets. Also, in order to control feedback and stage noise, I also use the Waves PSE Primary Source Expander plugin. PSE works really well combined with the Scheps Omni Channel. I can use the Scheps Omni to push in some of the preamp’s harmonics, without soaking up a lot of the other stuff that’s happening on stage.”

Schuman summarizes: “I’m able to keep MØ’s vocal very, very clear in this spontaneous kind of show, where it could otherwise get messy. And that’s what this LV1 setup is basically about. It gives us so much flexibility in controlling all kinds of situations.”


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