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Electro-Voice ND Series Microphones On Tour With Mr. Big

FOH engineer Michelle Sabolchick Pettinato deploys ND86 for vocals with more ND-Series microphones covering the drum channels.

By PSW Staff July 19, 2017

ND68 dynamic instrument mic on Mr. Big's kick drum.

When Mr. Big calls, Michelle Sabolchick Pettinato responds. For the band’s 2017 U.S. tour dates, the band’s front of house engineer came equipped with new tools: the ND Series microphones from Electro-Voice.

Having mixed the band since the 2009 reunion of the original lineup, Sabolchick Pettinato continues to enjoy the band’s artistry and professionalism, and their commitment to excellent musicianship.

“It’s my favorite gig,” she says. “The players are amazing, and everything is live – no backing tracks on their stage. It’s so much fun to mix – great bunch of guys to be on the road with, too.”

Michelle Sabolchick Pettinato

As a touring sound engineer since the 1990s and co-founder of, she has strong opinions on the equipment she uses.

She found the ND Series vocal and drum mics to be outstanding in helping her deliver a clear, vibrant mix to the audience. At the end of the band’s U.S. dates, she took time to share her thoughts on her favorite models.

ND86 dynamic microphone – vocals

“The clarity and sound of them is just very natural. You get a good, solid midrange without all the artificial top end that a lot of mics add. The ND86 gets the vocal right out there, and it doesn’t sound like someone singing through a microphone. It just sounds like they’re singing. I really like that.

ND44 dynamic instrument mic – snare top, rack tom

“This is a great sounding mic with a pivoting head, so it’s easy to position. The really cool thing is the rim mount, which EV clearly put a lot of thought into. You just clip it on the drum, then adjust the mic angle and you’re good to go. Great design.”

ND46 dynamic instrument mic – floor toms

“Bigger than the 44, with a great sound and great mechanical design. It has the pivoting head, but this one has a button to lock it in place. Such a great idea! No matter how hard your drummer is playing or how much vibration there is, that mic will stay at that exact angle all night long.” 

ND66 condenser instrument mic – overheads, hi-hat, snare bottom

“They sound really good, and I love having a pivoting head on a condenser. Our drummer has a very tight kit, so there’s not a lot of space for optimal position of mic stands. The ND66 is great for getting my hi-hat mic in the position I need it, with the right angle. Same thing for cowbell. Makes you wonder how no one thought of this before, and how did we live without it.”

ND68 dynamic instrument mic – kick drum

“A really good-sounding mic for this application. It’s got a nice, tight, meaty low end, which I prefer. The ND68 measures up to any kick drum mic I’ve tried.”

Overall, Sabolchick Pettinato is impressed with the both the sound and build quality of the Electro-Voice ND Series line.

“These mics are a great fit for Mr. Big, which is not an easy gig,” she says. “It’s one of the loudest stages out there, so getting the front line vocals on top of the mix without feedback can be a real challenge, especially in venues where the PA is close.

“With the ND86, the pattern is nice and tight, and the four-part harmonies sound amazing. The drum mics are really well thought out, with rim mounts and pivoting heads so they’re easy to position and eliminate some mic stands. The ND Series are great tools to work with.”

Mr. Big is releasing their new album, Defying Gravity, on July 21. They will then embark on a world tour, with swings through South America, Japan, Asia, and Europe through the end of 2017. Michelle Sabolchick Pettinato will be mixing front of house, and Electro-Voice ND Series mics will be on stage.


Mr. Big

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