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Electro-Voice Launches MFX Multi-Function Monitors

MFX-12MC and MFX-15MC passive 12-inch and 15-inch two-way coaxial monitors engineered to complement the X-Line Advance line array.

By PSW Staff June 12, 2019

Electro-Voice MFX multi-function monitor

Launching at InfoComm 2019, the new Electro-Voice MFX multi-function monitors MFX-12MC and MFX-15MC are passive 12-inch and 15-inch two-way coaxial monitors with a performance level engineered to complement the X-Line Advance line array models X1, X2, X12-128 and X12-125F, and corresponding installation versions.

MFX multi-function monitors utilize coaxially aligned HF and LF transducers matched with an innovative new Electro-Voice-engineered constant-directivity waveguide and a new crossover design. Coverage in monitor orientation is 40° H x 60° V. The dimensions and location of the waveguide interact with the woofer to effectively create a bipole output, enhancing coverage control through the midrange frequencies.

In addition to providing a stable sound image as the performer moves off-axis, the compact coaxial design presents a lower-profile footprint on stage, helping to maintain audience sight lines and reducing stage clutter. A new cabinet concept with dual monitor angles (35° and 55°) allows the output to be precisely focused towards the performer.

MFX multi-function monitors are optimized for use with TGX10 or IPX10:4 amplifiers from EV’s sibling brand Dynacord. Both models can be deployed in passive or bi-amp configuration, and can be optimized for different uses via DSP settings in the amps. Power handling for the MFX-12MC is 450 watts (continuous) and 3,000 watts (peak); for the MFX-15MC it is 500 watts (continuous) and 3,500 watts (peak). The two models have a maximum SPL rating of 135 dB and 136 dB, respectively.

In addition to their primary function as stage monitors, both the MFX-12MC and MFX-15MC feature an integrated pole cup (neatly located in one of the two side handle recesses), so they can serve as short-throw main/full-range sound reinforcement for portable applications using tripods or subwoofer poles. Coverage in this orientation is 60° H x 40° V. Extending their multi-functional design, each model features four M10 suspension points. U brackets, yokes, a tilt adapter, truss clamps, stand-mount adapters and a rigging bar are available for temporary or permanent installations. A rugged EVCoat finish (available in black or white) and 1.5 mm-thick corrosion-resistant grille combine professional-grade durability with sleek aesthetics.

MFX multi-function monitors were developed to deliver a combination of professional performance and value. Target customers include production companies that provide sound systems for any kind of live performance, including spoken-word presentations, corporate events, worship services and concerts. The multi-functional aspect of the loudspeakers makes them a more attractive investment for live sound companies because they can be deployed in multiple system roles, keeping more of the rental inventory working rather than sitting in the warehouse until an appropriate job is booked.


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