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Chyno Miranda Endorses Earthworks

Production manager Carlitos Dickson connects Latin singer with WL40V vocal mic capsule and DM20 for drums and percussion.

By PSW Staff March 13, 2018

Chyno Miranda

Earthworks announces that Latin singer Chyno Miranda is joining the company’s roster of endorsed artists. Chyno was introduced to the company by his production manager, Carlitos Dickson.

Dickson discovered Earthworks at NAMM 2017. He was attracted to the company’s solutions for piano. While impressed, he wondered if the company could meet the needs of Chyno and his band: “I got the impression that Earthworks Audio was inaccessible, almost too boutique.”

Chyno’s audio team was looking for microphones able to capture his voice accurately. Also, a mix dense with percussion. Their schedule constantly whirls them around the world. They require microphones with high articulation, able to stand the rigors of touring and that are easy to transport.

Dickson re-approached the company at NAMM 2018. He discovered the company’s latest solution for drums and percussion, the DM20. After being attracted to its design, he heard a series of prerecorded tracks and became interested.

“The booth felt like a big family. Gareth Krausser (COO) and Pedro Rocha (BDM) introduced me to the company. They made me feel at home. I knew I had found the solution to Chyno’s mic problems.” Shortly after, Earthworks and Chyno’s management were in coordination for a series of shows in Florida, Colombia, and Mexico.

At the first show, in Tampa, the band noticed the difference right at soundcheck, complementing the level of comfort felt by all members. In Colombia, Chyno grew attached to the Earthworks WL40V, calling his production manager with the following message for Mexico: “If anything happens to you, make sure the mics get there.”

At the most recent Premios Lo Nuestro, Chyno challenged producers to put his voice Live on the broadcast. He went on to have a great performance in a duet with Olga Tañon during a tribute in her honor. Dickson says the comfort Chyno Miranda feels with the WL40V makes him feel confident onstage.

“We’re excited to have Chyno Miranda join our family of artists,” shares Pedro Rocha from Earthworks. “His success defies his age. Chyno and his team are talented and tenacious. We look forward to supporting his team bringing the best possible sound to his fans worldwide.”


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