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Church Sound: The List Will Never Be Complete

If you find yourself feeling inadequate because your to-do list is seemingly endless, relax.

By Mike Sessler June 6, 2018

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It seems I’ve been having the same conversation with a variety of Technical Directors lately.

The conversation always generally revolves around the seemingly endless list of projects and tasks that we need to work on, and the pressure we feel (either internal or external) to get them done; preferably right now.

I too, am one of those TDs.

A while back, I walked into a building that needs every single system updated, upgraded or replaced. In every room. It’s a long list.

I know many of you are in similar situations. I started thinking that if I worked really hard just for the next few months, I could get it all done. But I’ve come to realize that’s a fallacy. The truth is, the list will never be complete. That realization can either be frustrating or liberating, depending on how you choose to deal with it.

So, I’ve decided to consider the situation liberating.

What do I mean?

Now that I know the list will never be done, much of the pressure to get it all done right now is removed. I can learn to be content knowing there is a nearly endless list of tasks to accomplish, and getting them done will be a matter of prioritizing and allocating budget.

It’s really that simple. When someone tells me something needs to be done, I either respond with, “It’s on the list,” or “I’ll add it to the list.” Depending on who has made the suggestion, it gets put near the top or near the bottom.

There was a point in time when I felt the need to be some kind of super-TD. You know, the guys who have all their systems completely dialed in, nothing on the repair bench, all processed totally worked out and who spend all their time working with volunteers and perfecting their mixes with virtual soundcheck.

What I’ve found is that those guys don’t really exist–or at least I’ve never met any. And I know a lot of TDs.

I know TDs of big churches who have tech arts staffs bigger than my church staff, and I know TDs of small churches who are also the IT / Communications / Office Manager guy.

The interesting thing is that no matter the size of the church and its staff all seem to universally face the same issues. When I visit them at their churches, they all say, “Yeah, we’ve got to work on this or that…”

I recently spent half a day with a great TD who just moved into a brand new building. As we walked the facility, I learned his list of things to be done is longer than mine. And that’s in a brand new building!

Even in a new facility, things didn’t go quite as planned, they ran short of time and had to jury-rig a few things just to get it working for the opening weekend. And now they have a list; just like the rest of us.

So if you find yourself feeling inadequate because your to-do list is seemingly endless, relax. You’re part of a large group of us who also have a long list of projects to work on.

Chances are, regardless of how hard you work at it, that list will still be there.

Do your best, then go home at night knowing you’ve still got something to work on tomorrow. And the next day.

Consider it job security.

About Mike

Mike Sessler
Mike Sessler

Maker of Magic for Velocity Pro Systems
Mike has been involved with church sound and live production for more than 25 years, and is the author of the Church Tech Arts blog. Based in Nashville, he serves as the Maker of Magic for Velocity Pro Systems, which provides design-build production solutions for churches and other facilities.


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