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Ten Reasons Why Church Sound Systems Cost More

In a day of internet deals on cheap gear and cost consciousness, remind your customers of some basic truths...

By Pat Brown June 20, 2019

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#7 – Wireless Microphones and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)

Sound systems can be adversely affected by frequencies above the audible band. They must be properly shielded against such, and appropriate filtering devices must be installed when required.

Wireless microphones provide some excellent benefits for houses of worship. These are actually small radio stations that broadcast on a specific frequency.

The selection of frequency is critical to the mic’s proper operation. The operating frequencies for your wireless mics must be carefully selected to work properly in the presence of other RF broadcasts in your area.

#8 – “Clean” Installation Practices

An important yet often overlooked aspect of a sound system design is the installation of the system. It is imperative that proper interconnect practices are carried out, and that all applicable electrical codes are observed.

A “clean” installation means that wiring has been concealed as much as possible, and that the finished system blends well with the decor of the building. Wall plates and connectors must be wired properly for the system to work correctly. Our proposal includes a meticulous check of all cables for proper termination and identification.

A system wiring diagram will be presented to you upon the completion of the system so that future modifications to the system can be made correctly and at the lowest possible cost.

#9 – Professional Equipment

There are many brands of equipment available in the audio marketplace. Fortunately, there are many reputable pro audio companies that make equipment suited for your needs. Our proposal only includes equipment from such companies. Our years of experience in the audio field have enabled us to eliminate marginal equipment from our inventories.

We deal only with companies that provide reliable, repairable products. All proposed loudspeakers have been “stress tested” for safety, and can be suspended above a congregation with confidence. In addition, all equipment meets applicable codes for fire safety and radio frequency emissions.

#10 – Calibration, Training and Documentation

A properly calibrated sound system will be much easier for your personnel to operate. A significant amount of expertise is required to make a system “user friendly.”

The proposed system must be calibrated using advanced audio and acoustic instrumentation. Upon completion of this process, all controls that do not require user adjustment must be rendered inaccessible. After calibration, your personnel will be trained to operate the system, and a user’s manual shall be compiled which will include equipment manuals, system wiring diagrams, and operating instructions.

In conclusion, your sanctuary is a critical listening environment for speech and music. As such the sound system must provide adequate acoustic gain, intelligible speech, even coverage and extended bandwidth to all listener seats. The best value in a sound system is one that meets all of these criteria. Such a system will provide years of trouble-free service and serve to complement your worship services.

There is much more to a sound system than acquiring some equipment. An audio professional can work with you from the planning stages and save you considerable time and money on your system.

Most importantly, you will have a system that has been tailored to your specific performance needs and aesthetic requirements, and money spent in the future can be used to compliment the existing system rather than replace it.

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