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Syn-Aud-Con Presenting Sound Reinforcement For Designers Seminar In Louisville Later This Month

In-depth course designed to emphasize the codependency of room acoustics and sound system design

By PSW Staff October 7, 2009

Syn-Aud-Con will be presenting its Sound Reinforcement for Designers seminar in Louisville, Kentucky, on October 26-29, 2009. 

This course is designed to emphasize the codependency of room acoustics and sound system design, with mantra being “Listen – Measure – Predict”.

View this video for more information.

Lead instructor Pat Brown uses a multimedia approach with interactive exercises which enables him to teach most concepts through demonstrations making learning quicker and much more enjoyable. (Note that attendees need a personal computer to do the exercises.)

Days one and two of the seminar cover the measurement of the acoustic characteristics of enclosed spaces. The course is built around the acquisition and interpretation of the room impulse or RIR, using it to derive all the room metrics of interest to sound system designers. Topics like convolution demonstrate how to integrate listening into the evaluation process.

Days three and four outline and demonstrate an efficient, accurate sound system design process that includes listening, measurement and prediction.

Attendee comments from the previous Sound Reinforcement for Designers seminar:

  “I came here to reinforce and backfill the knowledge I have gained from my many years in the industry. The only disappointing thing is that, for a modest amount of money, anyone can learn in a few days what it has taken me years to figure out!”

  “Syn-Aud-Con has given me the knowledge to do my job even better. I credit the growth of my company to the information that I have learned.”

  “I am amazed how much useable information Pat packs into a 4-day seminar.  I’ll be back and I will bring others from my company.”

  “Syn-Aud-Con seminars changes as the technology changes. With 40 years of audio experience, 10 time Syn-Aud-Con grad, I still added to my knowledge tremendously in these last 4 days.”

Enrollment can be done online (click here), or be calling 800-796-2831. Entry fee is $1,100.

Also upcoming is the Syn-Aud-Con Core Principles of Audio and SR for Technicians, to be held in conjunction with the LDI show in Orlando on November 17-20, 2009. Register for this seminar at

Syn-Aud-Con Website


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