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Royer Labs Announces New R-10 Ribbon Microphone

Competitively priced passive ribbon design can be utilized in both studio and live applications

By PSW Staff September 11, 2017

The new R-10 from Royer.

Royer Labs has introduced the new R-10 ribbon microphone, designed to provide warm, full-bodied and natural performance in both studio and live applications.

The R-10 incorporates a 2.5-micron ribbon element (identical to the company’s R-121) and a David Royer custom-designed transformer. Its ribbon transducer is wired for humbucking to reject electromagnetically induced noise. It is specified as being capable of handling SPLs of up to 160 dB at 1 kHz.

The R-10 utilizes the 3-layer protective windscreen system and internally-shockmounted ribbon transducer originally developed for Royer’s R-101 ribbon mic. The windscreen provides protection from air blasts and plosives while reducing proximity effect (low-frequency buildup caused by close miking), enabling guitar cabinets and acoustic instruments to be close-miked with less bass buildup.

In addition, the internally mounted transducer isolates the ribbon element from shocks and vibrations. The open grille is designed to minimize standing waves and associated comb filtering effects.

“With its high SPL capabilities, the new R-10 is not only a great choice for miking studio and live electric guitars. it’s equally at home capturing trumpets, trombones, and saxophones—without the harshness or sizzle commonly encountered when condenser mics are used on these instruments,” states John Jennings, Royer VP of sales and marketing. “It’s also a great choice for drums and piano.

“Similarly, this mic makes an excellent choice for vocals, violins, nylon-stringed acoustic guitars, and other stringed instruments, delivering all the warmth one expects from a Royer ribbon,” he continues. “With its highly competitive price point, I’m confident this microphone will prove invaluable to anyone who has ever wanted a Royer ribbon microphone.”

The new R-10 ribbon microphone ships in a foam-lined, protective aluminum case and includes a mount designed to provide flexible mic positioning, along with a protective mic sock. U.S. street price is $499. The microphone is available now.

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