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QSC Extends AcousticDesign Ceiling Loudspeaker Range With Two New High-Output Models

Both embrace the AD Series philosophy by bringing versatility and reliability to high-ceiling applications

By PSW Staff February 12, 2010

On the left, the new QSC AD-C1200 with and without square grille, and on the right, the new ADC-820/C821 with square and round grilles (larger image at conclusion of this news)

QSC Audio has announced an extension to the AcousticDesign ceiling loudspeaker range with the release of two new high-output models: the AD-C1200 and AD-C820/C821.

The AD-C1200 features 12-inch low frequency woofer, 1.75-inch diaphragm compression driver, 300-watt continuous power rating, and a 70-volt/100-volt multi-tap transformer (enabling the system to operate in distributed or low-impedance mode).

The AD-C1200 has been designed for music playback, public address and distributed audio in applications that require high output from a ceiling mounted loudspeaker.

Utilizing custom designed transducers and crossover networks, in combination with an acoustically optimized enclosure (AD-C1200BB), the AD-C1200 embraces the AD Series philosophy by bringing versatility and reliability to high-ceiling applications.

Each AD-C1200 includes the coaxial transducers, a transformer and a crossover network, factory mounted on a steel baffle. The baffle is designed to mount to the QSC enclosure or to any ~2.5 ft3 enclosure using industry standard transducer mounting dimensions. A square grille (AD-C1200SG) is available to complete the installation.

The 12-inch woofer is made with a treated paper cone on a steel frame. In the optimized enclosure the usable low frequency of the system extends to 37 Hz. 

The 1.75-inch compression driver fires through the center of the woofer and is acoustically mated to the woofer for a smooth transition at crossover.  The system achieves 85-degree axisymmetric coverage.

High-current, low tolerance network components provide smooth full-range, passive performance. The included 70-volt/100-volt custom designed transformer is optimized for low line loss as well as accurate and transparent acoustic performance.

The AD-C1200 loudspeaker system measures 93 dB sensitivity (1W/1m) and at full continuous power is capable of producing 117 dB SPL (1W/1m) output.

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