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One Systems Reinforces Pilgrimage Services In China

Muse Audio extends sound system reach to overflow crowds outside Ludezhuang Catholic Church with direct weather 112/HTH loudspeakers.

By PSW Staff January 11, 2018

The Ludezhuang Catholic Church in Hebei province, China

The Ludezhuang Catholic Church in Hebei province, China, recently installed a new outdoor sound system with One Systems Direct Weather loudspeakers to reinforce the indoor system used during the annual pilgrimage to the church.

Thousands of Catholics from nearby districts to take part in the pilgrimage. Because the crowd exceeds the capacity of the sanctuary, the overflow stands at the square in the front of the church.

Several months ago, the church committee recognized that the outdoor system was old and needed to be replaced. They consulted a professional audio engineering company and decided to replace the outdoor system with a new distributed system that would provide the coverage and quality they were looking for.

“The church required loudspeakers that are intelligible, offer sonic clarity, are capable of withstanding the weather and durable enough to last for many years without concern,” explains LJ, general manager of Muse Audio. “We have used One Systems loudspeakers for many outdoor projects in China. It is the ideal solution for the church.”

After meeting with the church committee and discussing their needs, they recommended a distributed system made up of 10 One Systems 112/HTH loudspeakers. Eight of them are mounted in pairs to four lighting poles, positioned to cover the church square. Two more 112/HTH were added to two of the poles, placed to provide coverage to the lanes outside of the square.

The 112/HTH features a 12-inch two-way design that provides high level acoustic radiation and extended low-frequency response from a compact enclosure. The direct weather loudspeaker offers a large format titanium compression driver and high order filtering to provide intelligibility, extended bandwidth, as well as system dynamics.

To combat the ill effects of the weather, the 112HTH utilizes 316-grade stainless steel (marine-grade) for all structural and rigging points. All associated One Systems rigging accessories are also 316-grade stainless steel. All metal components that are not structural feature a newly developed marine-grade powder coat over 304-grade stainless steel. This allows the 112HTH to be used in oceanfront and cruise ship applications, as well as in general direct weather installations.

LJ concludes, “The loudspeakers offer exceptional vocal intelligibility and amazing sound quality – when the church plays music or makes a speech – everyone can hear the sound and voice clearly. The church committee is pleased with the end result. They have a system that will reinforce the pilgrimage for years to come.”

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