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LJ Productions Introduces Speaker Beeper, A Loudspeaker Driver Tester & More

Also provides cable testing and instant review vertical and horizontal coverage

By PSW Staff December 12, 2009

The Speaker Beeper from LJ Productions

The new Speaker Beeper from LJ Productions provides quick, accurate loudspeaker driver component testing, instantly and easily.

The Speaker Beeper allows audio professionals to ensure that all drivers are functioning correctly, and it also can be used for checking the wiring between locations for accuracy, indicating cables that are fully engaged and working properly. This eliminates having to rely on lengthy testing or “best guesses”.

The Speaker Beeper can also instantly review vertical and horizontal coverage throughout a venue.

The unit’s compact size and versatility allows it to be used anywhere – in front of clients, on or off stage, at installation sites, in the shop or on the road, and even without a power source.

It works with all NL4 and NL8 connectors, uses four AA batteries, and comes with a custom molded case.

The Speaker Beeper is available directly from LJ Productions for $265, plus taxes and shipping.
LJ Productions Website


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Your spring chicken sister says

Wow John! I didn’t even know you were still working on this. Great job.  Have you made any sales yet, and how are you going to keep up with the demand?  Seems like an incredible thing. Are you charging enough?

vb says

i want to know , how does it test the hi-freq
mid’s and low’s

does it send different tones to each device
or does it measure each device by impedance ??

explain: how does it test ??

John says

The Speaker Beeper send a 1 watt 800hz tone to each driver or drivers in sequence it’s also a cable tester. It’s very handy when sending speakers and cables out on a show or a rental. We dead hung 12 traps last week on a christmas party gig and forgot to test the speakers just to find out I had two HF drivers not working… I will never send out a speaker with out checking it again!

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