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Harman Professional Debuts HiQnet System Architect Version 1.9

New HiQnet System Architect Version adds new troubleshooting, file management and customization capabilities

By PSW Staff December 18, 2008

New Harman HiQnet System Architect Version 1.9

Further advancing Harman HiQnet audio network configuration and control protocol, Harman Professional has launched HiQnet System Architect Version 1.9, a free download which delivers a host of new features including network troubleshooting tools, file compression and management and advanced control panel customization, to name just three. 

According to Rick Kreifeldt, Vice President, Harman Professional Systems Development & Integration Group (SDIG), the introduction comes just as the community of registered HiQnet System Architect users exceeds 20,000.

“It’s fitting that we pass the threshold of 20,000 registered users as we continue to add new features and improvements to System Architect,” Kreifeldt said. “I believe our commitment to systematically evolve and improve System Architect is a key reason that audio professionals continue to deploy HiQnet systems in an expanding array of applications. 

“The improvements do not stop here, however, and we will continue to listen to the community of contracting and tour sound professionals to make HiQnet System Architect the most current and progressive configuration and control tool available.”

As new members join the community of registered HiQnet users, Harman continues to add new devices to the HiQnet portfolio. 

Control of the three models of the new Crown I-Tech HD Series will be possible with the device plug-ins included with System Architect 1.9, which support the configuration of the FIR filters and LevelMAX limiters included in the new flagship touring amplifier, the algorithms for both of which were co-developed with BSS Audio

Currently, there are a total of 93 shipping HiQnet devices and a total of 66 System Architect-controlled devices.

Worldwide frequency restrictions and digital TV present a huge challenge for wireless systems operators, and to assist with keeping wireless technologies running, AKG has added the new ‘1 Click Setup’ to its System Architect HUB 4000 Q plug-in.

With a single mouse click, the tool runs an extensive environment scan and calculates intermodulation-free frequencies for the entire wireless system on the fly.

High among the new additions is a Network Troubleshooting tool, which actively monitors the network, diagnoses and alerts of any problems and, where possible, automatically resolves the problem or, if manual intervention is required, provides specific instructions on how to address the problem.

In addition to providing real-time monitoring and alerts, the tool also creates a backup log of any IP address changes which were made in the event that the previous configuration is required to be restored. 

One welcome use case will be for those less experienced with network configuration who have the frustrating situation of a HiQnet device being connected to the PC but not showing up in System Architect due to a network configuration error.  The Network Troubleshooting tool will see the device, and work with the user to resolve the issue in a few simple steps.

Also new to Version 1.9 is a compressed file format which dramatically reduces file sizes – in test cases as high as a ratio of 100:1. 

Separately, a new utility installed with System Architect 1.9 enables advanced users to expand and explore the contents of a saved file and thereby edit individual custom panels in an XML editor, and update images offline, etc. The same utility recompresses the file for opening again in System Architect.

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