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Electro-Voice Announces Release Of LAPS V2.2A Modeling & Design Program

New workbook pages, overall and specific product support, modeling enhancements, interface improvements and more

By PSW Staff September 28, 2009

A screenshot of the new version of Electro-Voice LAPS, available for free download from the company's website

Electro-Voice has announced the release of new LAPS V2.2A, the company’s line array modeling and design program.

LAPS is an essential tool for sound system designers who use EV line array loudspeakers.

Using LAPS, a designer can quickly enter an array design and assess its performance. LAPS can model a full sound system, including main arrays, secondary arrays such as delays and front-fills, and subwoofers.

After the final system design is chosen, LAPS provides full rigging specifications. LAPS includes comprehensive checking of rigging working loads, and will not predict performance of rigs which it considers to be unsafe.

The new version includes a special page for predicting coverage of subwoofer arrays. Proper use of this page will in many cases result in significant bass coverage and quality improvement at little or no additional cost.

LAPS supports all EV line array products and related subwoofer models.

The new version is designated LAPS 2.2A, and it is available for free download at

LAPS 2.2A includes the following specific changes:

New Workbook Pages
· Arrays Bass page, for predicting horizontal coverage of subwoofer arrays.
· Air Loss page, for predicting sound attenuation in air over large distances.
· Cable Loss page, for modeling the resistive and capacitive effects of loudspeaker cable.
· Supported Products page, which lists all products supported by LAPS 2.2A.

New Product Support
XLC Family
· XLC-907DVX Full-range loudspeaker, 90-degree horizontal coverage.
· CBEAM (new beam) in reversed orientation.
· XLCbeamF (old XLC tilt angle extender) extending to the front.
· XLCbeamR (old XLC tilt angle extender) extending to the rear.
· dB Sound XLC grid and extender bar.

XLVC Family
· XLD-291 Full-range loudspeaker, 90-degree horizontal coverage.
· XLE-291 Full-range loudspeaker, 90-degree horizontal coverage.
· XCS312 3×12-degree cardioid subwoofer.
· CBEAM (new beam) in reversed orientation.
· AGSE XS-212 to XLE adapter grid.

X-Line Family
· XVLSred Full-range loudspeaker, 90-degree horizontal coverage, high rig load version.
· dB Sound X-line grid and extender bar.

EVA Family
· EVA loudspeaker line (four models and three grids).

Modeling Enhancements
· Maximum main-to-delay distance is increased to 412 ft (125m).
· Coverage prediction curves are now more accurate above 6000 Hz.
· Array equalization predictions now include realistic target frequency response curves.
· The polar response display is now more usable for large array tilt angles.

User Interface Improvements
· In the array specifications, it is now possible insert boxes without re-entering existing ones.
· General appearance has been upgraded.
· Venue and array printouts now deal correctly with hidden data.
· There are now pop-up in-progress message boxes for saving files and generating reports.
· Optional dropdown lists have been implemented for entry of box drive level.

Rigging Enhancements
· Rig report formatting and pagination has been improved.
· Trim height and rig bottom height now appear on rig report.
· Rig report display of diagnostic messages is improved.

Other Enhancements and Fixes

· Pullback points for X-Line arrays are now handled better.
· For uptilted X-Line arrays, LAPS now warns if front chain links will collapse.
· The rig top reference point has been changed to top front corner of topmost element.

Installations & Configuration Improvements
· Changed internal relationships to allow multiple versions of LAPS II to coexist on same machine more easily.
· Windows Vista is officially supported.

Help System Upgrades
· Updated and enhanced help information generally.

LAPS File Load/Save Enhancements
· Made LAPS able to load .EVA files written by EV’s EVADA modeling program.
· Improved Load/Save handling of international date formats. Previously, LAPS sometimes failed to load .laps files from foreign countries.

LAPS is a Microsoft Excel-based application that runs in Windows environments. It requires Excel 2000 or later and Microsoft Windows 2000 or later.

Electro-Voice Website


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