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Effects Unlimited Chooses Community Professional Loudspeakers For St. Nicholas Church

E SERIES column-format line source and point source loudspeakers provide coverage and intelligibility for neo-gothic church on Pennsylvania Boulevard.

By PSW Staff August 8, 2018

St. Nicholas Church in Wilkes-Barre, PA

Effects Unlimited has recently completed the design and installation of a new sound system for St. Nicholas Church in Wilkes-Barre, PA, based around Community Professional E SERIES column-format line source and point source loudspeaker systems.

St. Nicholas has been a landmark of the Wyoming Valley since the 1850’s and the current neo-gothic church on Pennsylvania Boulevard was completed in 1887. With its beautiful interior featuring high vaulted ceilings and reflective surfaces, St. Nicholas turned to audio specialist Effects Unlimited to design a system that would deliver high intelligibility and complete coverage in the acoustically challenging space.

Effects Unlimited designed the system using Community E SERIES loudspeakers, chosen for their audio quality, reliability and well controlled dispersion that allowed coverage for the congregation while substantially avoiding reflective surfaces. A demonstration of the system’s performance provided the customer with confidence and Effects Unlimited was commissioned to install the proposed system.

The main system comprises six full-range ENT-FR column line source loudspeakers. Designed for use in difficult acoustic environments, the ENT-FR delivers high intelligibility with wide horizontal and narrow vertical dispersion. Its slim profile also provided a good aesthetic solution that merged well with the church’s interior architecture.

Six ENT206B compact column point source loudspeakers and four D SERIES DS5 surface mount loudspeakers provide additional coverage and fill, and two VLF208B dual 8-inch subwoofers extend the low frequency for warmth and music quality.

The system is controlled by QSC Q-SYS, with a TouchMix-8 digital mixer and a PoE touch screen interface for ease of use. Power is provided by a combination of QSC CXD4.3, CXD4.5 and CX204V amplifiers. To complete the system’s quality and provide flexibility, Effects Unlimited chose a combination of Shure wired and wireless mic systems and a Gemini CDMP-1400 CD/MP3/USB player provides an additional source for pre-recorded material.

David Grogan of Effects Unlimited comments, “The results were outstanding, with superb audio quality and even coverage. The customer was blown away by the performance of the system.”

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