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Danley Sound Labs Introducing Three New Subwoofers At Upcoming InfoComm Show

Models include RH-812 tapped-horn sub with eight 12-inch drivers, TH-221 tapped-horn sub with dual 21-inch transducers, and TH212 with two 12-inch waterproof drivers

By PSW Staff May 29, 2009

The new Danley TH-812 "Rock Monster" subwoofer, incorporating eight 12-inch drivers

Danley Sound Labs will be introducing three new subwoofers at the upcoming InfoComm show in Orlando, Florida, including the TH-812 (also known as the “Rock Monster”), a tapped-horn subwoofer system that has eight 12-inch long-excursion low-frequency drivers.

The Rock Monster delivers exceptional sensitivity, low-frequency extension with very high output into the mid 20 Hz range, as well as very high power handling capability.

The new TH-221 (also called “Cine-Monster”) is a tapped-horn sub with twin 21-inch excursion transducers for exceptional low bass for commercial cinemas and high-end home theaters, delivering concert level output to 20 Hz. Other applications include touring, event staging and club systems.

Rounding out the group is the lightweight, portable TH-212 subwoofer with two 12-inch waterproof drivers. This model can be ordered with handles and wheels for touring applications, or with a variety of fly points for permanent installations. At only 15 inches high, the TH-212 can easily fit under a stage. A pair of these subs makes for a compact 30-inch tall, high-powered directional bass array.

All Danley loudspeakers come in a weatherized finish as standard. Powered versions are also available.

Danely Sound Labs will be exhibiting at booth 6741 and demo room W204C at the 2009 InfoComm show.

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